Medical care

We provide free medical treatment in rural villages in Africa.

In one of the countries we focus on – Nigeria – 97% of the population is not covered by any kind of health insurance. Both state and local governments have been grossly ineffective in providing basic healthcare, and even in cities where private healthcare alternatives exist, they cost an arm and a leg. Malaria might be the commonest health problem in Nigeria but the cost of getting the right medications is still unaffordable for most people.

How do we come in?

We provide free medical treatment in rural villages and towns to the people who need them the most during our main outreach in October and throughout the year during our mini-Liberty outreaches featuring:


• Free eye checks, glasses and cataract surgeries

• Dispensing of free medications for various ailments

• Free medical tests to aid correct diagnoses

• Corrective and general surgeries by our volunteer specialists

• Free general consultations with our volunteer specialist doctors…

Medical care