iberty seeks to empower entire communities in body, mind and spirit. We work mainly in forgotten parts of West Africa teaching life skills, providing free education, business  and agricultural expertise and clean drinking water.  Our team of medical professionals  and support staff offer free medical care to all. Our volunteers also spread the love of God and good news of Jesus Christ.  All our activities open doors of opportunity for men, women and children. We currently work in villages and towns in Nigeria.

What We Do

Our 5-Fold Strategy to Transforming Lives & Communities


We provide free medical treatment in rural villages in Africa.  Over the past 14 years we have provided free …

Free Education

Knowledge is power and access to good quality education is the only real way for most people to work their way out …

Business Empowerment

Business Empowerment

Our empowerment work covering agricultural development and business skill development is linked with education, …

Clean Water

Most of the villages in which we work have no source of clean water. To date we have sunk 16 wells and provided two boreholes…

Pastoral Care

Our aim is to transform entire communities body, soul and spirit. We  reach out to the homeless and poor in ..

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