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Awe 2015

GOD IS MIGHTY!!    SUNDAY 30TH OCTOBER                                                                            IBADAN

We make our way to the IITA church at the top of the road. We join the local congregation in worship and then hear various testimonies and messages from the UK and US teams.

The UK team speaks with reference to Matthew 5:3 challenging us to think about what it really means to be poor in spirit. God does not view strength and popularity in the way that we do. The heart of the message is that knowing Jesus is not about knowing what He can do for you and continually asking for material things. Knowing Jesus is about knowing what His needs are and seeking the desires of His heart not your own. This is a very powerful message that calls for immediate action.

The US team continues in this vain with a message about brokenness. The Holy Spirit is most effective working in broken vessels where his light can shine and illuminate everything it touches. We need to come to God as empty vessels to like going to a spring of living water with an empty bucket. To be effective ambassadors of Christ we need to first empty ourselves of self.

Nobody can ever be the same after seeing God move so powerfully through a nation. My life will never be the same..[/paragraph]

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