Toyin Dagiloke – Eye clinic 2011-2016

Toyin Dagiloke – Eye clinic 2011-2016

Toyin Dagiloke – Eye clinic

Every time I go, the Liberty mission trips become more and more rewarding. Working alongside some of the most dedicated doctors, nurses and volunteers in the world; seeing hundreds of Nigerian villagers receive medical attention for the first time in their lives and being a part of the loving team delivering this care is such an honour. As well as the medical work we do, staying in the community and interacting with the children is awe inspiring. They symbolise everything that God was thinking about when He invented the concept of hope for the future.

The Nigerian team have done such a wonderful job preparing the ground by showing them light when everyone else around them had showed them darkness. Serving the world with love and cooperation, I have found my own true self, as God sees me. Helping those in need has stripped away selfishness and brought me closer to God’s heart. Providing free eye tests to the kind-hearted people of Nigeria and daily fellowship with the Liberty team gave me unspeakable joy that cannot be fully qualified with words alone. If you attend a Liberty mission your life will be changed forever.

I have been blessed to be a part of the eye clinic. I have had the opportunity to carry out vision tests for the humble people of Nigeria; economically poor yet rich in spirit. These annual missionary trips have been the most rewarding experience of my life. The exceptional doctors, nurses and volunteers that participate have become part of my family. If you have an open heart to both give and receive from the abundance that God has given to you then Liberty will give you an opportunity to make a difference. All it takes is a little patience, a warm smile, a hand to hold, or a loving hug.

In the eyes of our Nigerian patients it doesn’t matter who is a doctor, a nurse, a volunteer with no medical experience, or someone who doesn’t even speak a word of their native language. What matters to them is that we are people who care enough about them to travel 4,500 miles at our own expense and take the time and effort to be there and help to improve their lives. Such love can only flow from the heart of God. When we visit Nigeria we are all doctors, whether that be spiritual or physical. Our hands are guided by the Master Surgeon who can heal every wound and mend every broken heart.

The feeling of helping in the eye clinic is the best feeling in the world. Not having any knowledge of medicine, I didn’t think I could really help, but I decided to give the eye clinic a go anyway. We treated hundreds of patients in just a matter of days. Treatment that some of them had waited for all of their lives. What an experience, something that I will always be glad and proud that I was part of. The medical field is not a part of my daily life, yet I know that I contributed. I feel blessed to have learned from everyone I came into contact with. From the orange sellers to the village chiefs. I went to Nigeria not knowing what to expect and what I got was truly indescribable.

It took faith; it took courage but God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He gave me exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think.