Tola Adeshina

Tola Adeshina

Tola Adeshina’s Liberty experience @ Epe 2016

I had always desired to go on a Christian mission trip but I never had the chance too.  But this year 2016, I was determined to close the gap on this desire.

I heard about the Liberty mission during my church service at EP. They were having a summer fair to raise money for the cause. I enquired about the Liberty mission from Pastor Akin and Kemi Akinwumi and after speaking to them both, I was sure that I wanted to go.

However, fear and doubt started to creep in my mind.

  • How was I going to afford the airfare?
  • Was I “spiritual” enough to pray for people and bring them to Christ?
  • How was I going to cope if I didn’t like where we were staying?

I had the privilege of speaking with Mummy Kate and she challenged me to have faith. She shared testimonies with me about previous missions and how so many lives were changed. She also prayed with me and after that I knew that fear was GONE!

On Sunday 23rd October 2016, I flew out to Nigeria!

We arrived in Epe and went straight to the grounds where the daily outreach was to take place. On our way to the grounds, I saw many many mosques and it was obvious that this was a Muslim populated town. Our days started off with morning prayers and ended with evening prayers. This definitely kept us going spiritually even when we were tired physically!

On all the days on the ground it was HOT HOT HOT!!!! But that didn’t stop us from reaching out to those in need. I had the privilege of counselling people and oh what an awesome experience it was. It was truly amazing to be able to tell people about Jesus Christ, see people giving their life to Christ and seeing people mentally, physically and spiritually healed

During the outreach there was daily preaching, business and empowerment classes, medical supplies being given out, children’s church, football games and welfare and much more. It was an amazing experience for me and I would definitely go again.

You can be a part of Liberty too! Some come, some give and some pray.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done and is doing in Epe!

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