Kemi Akinwumi

Kemi Akinwumi

Kemi Akinwumi’s Liberty experience @ Epe 2016


As time drew closer to Liberty 2016 the excitement that I was finally doing something I had always wanted to do exploded.

However, fear crept in.

  • Was I spiritually prepared for the journey ahead?
  • Am I worthy enough?
  • Was I really going to pray for people to come to Christ?
  • What about my own struggles?
  • Am I too young?

As much as the questions came so my prayers intensified. Deep down I knew God wanted me on this journey and because of that He would prepare me spiritually, mentally and physically for everything.


The overnight at Kairos was such a lovely experience and good spiritual preparation for the journey ahead. The knowledge I was surrounded with and would partake this mission with such blessed and loving people kept me at peace.

So preparation and the countdown began 😊



Arriving at the guesthouse in Epe then going back to the grounds where the power of God would be moving was an overwhelming experience.

I saw many mosques on my way even one that had been there since 1872.

We returned to our guesthouse (the accommodation was much better than I expected -Thank you Jesus lol)

Evening and morning prayers were key to our day.

The first day was intense meeting people with such high needs. High blood pressure, diabetes, chest pain, pregnant women who don’t even know their due date and so many health conditions that due to lack of money have not sought medical help. People were led to self-diagnose and treat with herbal remedies due to their financial status m.

I was able to appreciate the NHS more and more as days went by.

My Yoruba speaking skills were truly exercised as an aid to communicate with the patients I came into contact with all age groups.

Drama, business empowerment, healing school, daily deliverance and prayer, eye clinic & operations all part of services offered.  During one of my break, I walked around each section set up for Liberty and took in how amazing every segment was and how much dedication it took from everyone person involved. God, you truly are amazing.

Telling people about Jesus, some who have never heard about Christ’s love were so willing and others who all they knew was Muslim not because they were practicing but because it was what they were born into or married into. Watching many receive Christ and being part of their decision was truly amazing.


After Thoughts….

Would I return ?…in a heartbeat 😊

My goal is to bring more and more people to Liberty. Truly a one in a lifetime experience. Find more ways to raise funds for Liberty and the great work to be done. In Jesus name 2017 the mobile clinic will be bought!!  I pray that God will continue to use people and give more vision to liberty.


To sum up the whole experience – eye-opening life changing!!!


I thank a God for the opportunity 🙌🏾

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