[paragraph extra=””]Imini School: Roll call as at the close of session for  2015/1016 is 270.

Imini school representative attended the National Association of Primary Schools (NAPS), Oyo State chapter’s meeting which took place at the Baptist Academy, Awe.  At this meeting the need for schools to complete their registration was emphasised in other to avoid sanction from the State Government.   Imini school will take steps to complete all necessary registration on resumption in September..

Mummy Kate during her last visit to Nigeria paid a visit to the school in company of some Covenant Women.  Her visit rekindled spiritual revival in the school.  The children and teachers were ministered to and some of the children received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Mummy Kate implored the Covenant Women to pay regular visit to the school and also do a follow-up on those that received the baptism of the Holy Spirit for proper discipleship.

Many of our pupils were absent from school for most part of the month of June because their parents were taking them to farm to assist them in farm work giving the excuse that they cannot afford to hire labourers to work in their farm.  The Headmaster however discovered that they were also doing this because of the  industrial action embarked upon for a long time now which has given  pupils from Government schools opportunity of going to the farm with their parents and also to roam about.  The Headmaster then introduced midweek tests between Wednesday and Friday.  This has really helped in keeping the children in school.

Farm:  The pineapples plants been relocated to another part of the school ground and melon seeds have been planted.  The melon is doing very well.

Alternative Power Project for Imini:  The Centre for Petroleum Energy and Economic Empowerment and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Ibadan led by Prof Tokunbo Oyesola (a member of NCC) visited Imini to embark on a project.  The project is to introduce Solar Energy by converting cattle faeces to generate power supply for the community.  The team is made up of 70 post graduate students and some Researchers from Mali.  Prof Oyesola said he decided to choose Imini  as their place of interest so that the school can benefit from the project.

Facilities for Recreation:  The school is in deed of facilities for recreation as the ones available are no more serviceable.  Also the toilets need to be repaired while the WCs are to be replaced.

Valedictory Service:  The school’s Valedictory Service comes up on the 26th of July.  25 pupils will be graduating this year bringing the total students that have graduated from the school to 279.  Invitation letters have been sent out to Conference Pastors and other Liberty Partners to grace the occasion with their presence.  We covet your prayers.

Timothy Bankole:  God’s faithfulness in Timothy’s life continues on a daily basis.  His next clinic follo-up in on the 3rd of August, 2016.