Ogbomoso Chronicles 2019 Day 1: Friday 18 October 2019

Ogbomoso 2019 Team

I looked up and the screen showed our flight had been delayed from 11.20 to 12.40. Come on BA, you can do better, I exclaimed. Yes, was their response. The flight left the tarmac around 2pm. Next time, praise the Lord would be my response…

A Sign of things to come

Logistics Department

My last chronicles came from the Office of the Camp Commandant.  This year I am reporting from the Logistics Department. On reflection, ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time with the right resources summaries what I do.  Working where help is needed, doing what is necessary to ensure that everyone can do their job or a person can smoothly access a required service may describes my job.  I have proudly worked with some wonderful brothers and sisters from across Nigeria, Uganda, Africa, Europe and America as a servant’s servant.


Our journey this year has been one of great expectations. We saw a mighty move of God in Ilorin.  But that was yesterday.  We came to Ogbomoso expecting God to rip our plans in shreds and replace it with His divine programme.  We could not go in triumphant. We had to humble ourselves to fully rely upon the Holy Spirit to move in a way only God would be able to.   It was not as if we had left the planning to  chance. We prayed and planned.  Our time at Oast Houses in August was  a sign that God wanted to do something different.  We were not disappointed.   The accounts are my observations  and reflections leading up to and during Liberty Ogbomoso 2019.

I hope you will see our work through my eyes.

It had been a very busy week. Packing was just not possible. So Thursday morning I threw as many shirts and trousers as I could find into my suitcase ready for an evening blitz. Well, my lovely wife and I were still packing up till 6.30am Friday morning. I hope I did not forget anything. Both the handheld scales and human weight scales were on point. No “overload” at the airport!

The drive to the airport was smooth. We handed over the car keys and popped into the airport with excitement. Ring, ring, my sister, where are you? I asked. I am still at home was her response. What! I exclaimed. Well, she lives just 29 minutes away. So she did not need to leave home that early. So we waited! She turned up on time

The self-checking was hard work. Press this, tap that, stick this on your baggage. BA thought they had found cheap labour. I called for assistance as the machine wasn’t co-operating. Loads of messages flashed quickly across the screen including upgrade offers which we later realised we had missed. If only a smiling human being was there to help!

Our journey through security was quick. Thank God the metal detector did not beep. If it had, it would have been one hand holding the trousers up and the other in the air. Popped into Prets for a refill after all the exhausting button pressing. Unfortunately, my pulled pork and egg sandwich was below par.

I looked up and the screen showed our flight had been delayed from 11.20 to 12.40. Come on BA, you can do better, I exclaimed. Yes, was their response. The flight left the tarmac around 2pm. Next time, praise the Lord would be my response.

The liberty team ’mo mi’n mo e’ (bonding session) always starts at the airport. Sister Lola Lola Adesidamet my wife and sister in duty free. Pleasantries were exchanged. Sister Lola was excited. She was looking forward to her 1st Liberty outreach. She has been a “Some give, Some pray” member for a long time. I pray she has a great testimony to share.

Four hours into our flight we met another team member, Sister Bolanle, from America. BolanleHer beaming smile filled the aisle. I can understand when the bible says God is smiling on you. It is lovely to behold.

A Mrs Salami sat beside us. She was on her journey back from Dallas. She was excited and grateful for all Liberty was doing. She attends a Baptist church and is born again. God planted her beside me as a source of encouragement. We are going to harvest fruits that we had not planted.

Grandma Nedd and Sister Tola had been waiting for 3 hours at the airport for Sister Bolanle. Like angels they disappeared seeing that she had arrived safely and had a ride home. I go love my sister oooo. That is commitment

We had a military escort from the airport home. The journey was dramatic. The escort went ahead to clear the congestion. A Danfo van parked in the middle of the road causing a long tail back. The soldier brought out a whip but missed the driver but not the conductor. We were empathising with the conductor but our driver was not having it. He said all Nigerians need correction. It was a profound statement from my later experience.

Command Guest House was “home” for the next couple of days. A lovely 62 bed hotel with creature comforts. After an 18-hour journey, we were happy to be home. We went to bed with a full stomach of Semovita, fresh fish and egusi soup.  A sign of things to come


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    oluwaseyi oladele says

    Your commentt
    to GOD be the glory from libtery

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    Paul & Seforas Kuku says

    Le Programme de liberty,ça été pour nous(Ma femme et Moi) un temps très enrichis des bénédictions venant d’en haut! Comme il est dit dans les ecritures; Jacques 1:17.Nous étions très bénis au travers de l’amour inconditionelle,les soins médicaux,l’Esprit d’équipe, dont nous avions témoigne des différents equipes qui nous onts assistée.Bien vraie que c’était notre prémière fois d’y participée. Nous ne regrêttons pas d’avoir voyagés toute le long du Sahara pour y participés.Notre prières est que le Seigneur bénis toutes les membres d’équipes et leur donnent de sa forces et sagesse afin que l’an prochaine,nous puissions voir le Seigneur aggir encore au travers de vous.

  3. REPLY
    Funmi Adewumi says

    Very well said my brother. Yes the BA T5 check in was exhausting and the almost 3 hours delay was a disappointment but the warm welcome pick up from the airport, the journey to our Hotel – Command Guest House and the hospitality made up for BAs shortfall. Praise the Lord. Looking forward to reading more Ogbomosho Chronicles 2019.

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