Ogbomoso 2019 Team

Day 1: A Sign of things to come

I looked up and the screen showed our flight had been delayed from 11.20 to 12.40. Come on BA, you can do better, I exclaimed. Yes, was their response. The flight left the tarmac around 2pm. Next time, praise the Lord would be my response…

Logistics Department

This year I am reporting from the Logistics Department. On reflection, ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time with the right resources summaries what I do.  Working where help is needed, doing what is necessary to ensure that everyone can do their job or a person can smoothly access a required service may describes my job.  I have proudly worked with some wonderful brothers and sisters from across Nigeria, Uganda, Africa, Europe and America as a servant’s servant.

Ogbomoso 2019 Team


Our journey this year has been one of great expectations. We saw a mighty move of God in Ilorin.  But that was yesterday.  We came to Ogbomoso expecting God to rip our plans in shreds and replace it with His divine programme.  We could not go in triumphant. We had to humble ourselves to fully rely upon the Holy Spirit to move in a way only God would be able to.   It was not as if we had left the planning to  chance. We prayed and planned.  Our time at Oast Houses in August was  a sign that God wanted to do something different.  We were not disappointed.   The accounts are my observations  and reflections leading up to and during Liberty Ogbomoso 2019.

I hope you will see our work through my eyes.

A Sign of things to come

It had been a very busy week. Packing was just not possible. So Thursday morning I threw as many shirts and trousers as I could find into my suitcase ready for an evening blitz. Well, my lovely wife and I were still packing up till 6.30am Friday morning. I hope I did not forget anything. Both the handheld scales and human weight scales were on point. No “overload” at the airport!The drive to the airport was smooth. We handed over the car keys and popped into the airport with excitement. Ring, ring, my sister, where are you? I asked. I am still at home was her response. What! I exclaimed. Well, she lives just 29 minutes away. So she did not need to leave home that early. So we waited! She turned up on time

The self-checking was hard work. Press this, tap that, stick this on your baggage. BA thought they had found cheap labour. I called for assistance as the machine wasn’t co-operating. Loads of messages flashed quickly across the screen including upgrade offers which we later realised we had missed. If only a smiling human being was there to help!

Our journey through security was quick. Thank God the metal detector did not beep. If it had, it would have been one hand holding the trousers up and the other in the air. Popped into Prets for a refill after all the exhausting button pressing. Unfortunately, my pulled pork and egg sandwich was below par.

I looked up and the screen showed our flight had been delayed from 11.20 to 12.40. Come on BA, you can do better, I exclaimed. Yes, was their response. The flight left the tarmac around 2pm. Next time, praise the Lord would be my response. The liberty team ’mo mi’n mo e’ (bonding session) always starts at the airport.

Sister Lola met my wife and sister in duty free. Pleasantries were exchanged. Sister Lola was excited. She was looking forward to her 1st Liberty outreach. She has been a “Some give, Some pray” member for a long time. I pray she has a great testimony to share.

Four hours into our flight we met another team member, Sister Bolanle, from America.

Her beaming smile filled the aisle. I can understand when the bible says God is smiling on you. It is lovely to behold. A Mrs Salami sat beside us. She was on her journey back from Dallas. She was excited and grateful for all Liberty was doing. She attends a Baptist church and is born again. God planted her beside me as a source of encouragement. We are going to harvest fruits that we had not planted.

Grandma Nedd and Sister Tola had been waiting for 3 hours at the airport for Sister Bolanle. Like angels they disappeared seeing that she had arrived safely and had a ride home. I go love my sister oooo. That is commitment. We had a military escort from the airport home. The journey was dramatic. The escort went ahead to clear the congestion. A Danfo van parked in the middle of the road causing a long tail back. The soldier brought out a whip but missed the driver but not the conductor. We were empathising with the conductor but our driver was not having it. He said all Nigerians need correction. It was a profound statement from my later experience. Command Guest House was “home” for the next couple of days. A lovely 62 bed hotel with creature comforts. After an 18-hour journey, we were happy to be home. We went to bed with a full stomach of Semovita, fresh fish and egusi soup.  A sign of things to come. Sister Betty lead six people to Christ using the beads.  She had interpreters beside her so there was no language barrier.

Sister Pat noted that she had done more today and it was less stressful than yesterday.  She had listened to the testimony of Mary from Badagry who now runs her own business.  She was also inspired by Sister Grace’ s story about setting up her own business.

Sister Tola stated that while in America she had read Pastor Thompson’s story of how he was sent to prison for 10 years for a crime he had not committed.  He was caught up in the wrong crowd.  He gave his life to Christ in prison and his life has been turned around.  She was amazed that she met him in flesh in Epe teaching Sunday school.

Sister Beatrice noted that the young ones are yearning for the word of God and a deep relationship with Him. She asked a 13-year-old what do you want? The reply was for God to use me.

Sister Tutu reported that she spoke to two people who gave their lives to Christ. They required bibles.

Sister Kemi O reported that Dr Adenuga noted that this is the most organised outreach he had attended.

Sister Bolaji reported that she saw a person from last year who is maturing in the Lord.

Day 2: Saturday 19 October 2019: The Work of the Holy Spirit


Trailer traffic

To be sincere, I woke up tired. It had been a long week. I slept with a full stomach and woke up hungry.  The food had disappeared overnight without any activity other than sleeping. Please, can someone explain what happened. Well, I had a good reason to reload!.

In the rush, I left half of my toiletries at home.  I found my tooth brush and tooth paste, the rest I had to share with my wife.  Ibadan here we come.  From Apapa to Ijora, there was a long queue of traffic. Not cars but trailers. Our last year’s journey to Ilorin flashed back. Over 20 miles of standstill trailer traffic from Oyo to the outskirts of Ogbomoso.


The Work of the Holy Spirit

Liberty was celebrating its 20 years anniversary at Ibadan. My sister and I set off hoping to get there on time. 20 minutes into our journey our luggage truck broke down. The fuel pump had packed up. We were told it would be 30-minute job. Well, it took 2.5 hours.  We took refuge in KFC and literally froze there.  The air conditioning was too cold. We had to decide whether to “roast or freeze”. We chose the outdoors instead.

The views outside were not that scenic. But there were many things to admire. We saw a motorbike with a phone charger point welded to the handlebar for his customers to charge their phone on the go.  Men offloading bikes, microwaves, clothes, car tyres and other white household goods for sale from a lorry with German number plates.  Women along the road selling fruits and phone cards. You cannot but admire their entrepreneurial skills.

On Friday, there was a youth programme including a youth football competition, talent hunt and business empowerment.


A reunion lunch to celebrate our supporters since 1999 took place on Saturday.  At the lunch, Mummy Kate passed the baton over to the Gbenga Badejo as the Lead Director with Uvie Onakpoya as the Director in charge of Nigeria and Sister Toyin Marinho as Liberty Ambassador.

We arrived at Ibadan toll gate at 5pm.  Unfortunately, I missed my speaking slot. But caught Sharon preaching about sexual purity.

Bruce made an altar call afterwards.  43 people responded to the gospel including sex workers and 5 men who lived underground in a sinister dungeon where terrible dark and demonic things took place including murder and torture.  It was awesome.

Left Goshen for Ile tuntun [new house] yes, new house indeed.  One of our members hosted some Liberty volunteers in their new house. It was a beautiful home.  We left Goshen at 6.30pm with the pre-warning that it must not get dark or else. The “or else” permutations were just too many to write about– we will get lost, we will need to stay in a hotel, we will follow you home; you get the gist.

We got home at 8.35pm. My wife’s niece, Dara, greeted us with a warm and lovely smile and down she went on her knees. All I could do was bless her from the bottom of my heart.  Rice, moin moin, efo riro and fresh fish was served. Igbin and goat meat closed the activities for the day.


I observed some children, youths and a mixture of uneducated men and women respond to the gospel.  I pondered on how could they have understood the message preached by an English man?  What have they responded to? The words of John 16:8 dropped in my heart “And when the Holy Spirit has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment”.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict men of sin.  Literally, they might not understand what the preacher was saying; but their ears of the heart heard the voice of the Spirit.  They responded to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Over the week, we will be seeing the Holy Spirit in a new dimension.

Day 3: Sunday 20 October 2019: Reloading Gracefully

Sounds of angels

I woke up to the sounds of angels singing. That led to a wonderful worship session. I phoned my beautiful sisters in Ile tuntun to see how they were and was informed that they needed a ride. My driver was from Lagos so it would have been impossible without help to get anywhere in Ibadan. Google maps, human A to Z and Holy Spirit guidance got us there. Very grateful to our Lord for divine intervention

We arrived at Goshen at 8.56am and had an amazing session of praise.

Bruce preached on the blood of Jesus referring to the 7 places where Jesus shed His blood. Many people responded to the gospel.  There was an awesome presence of the Lord.

It was a lovely touch for all the people celebrating their birthdays in October to cut the Liberty 20th anniversary cake.  More calories to share!

I joined the ministering team during the power session and I popped a muscle catching one of the men.  I became limping Jacob for the week.

Sister Toyin hosted us for lunch. It was the 1st time, I can recall talking to her husband Dr Tony Marinho. What a lovely, gentle, understanding man with a wicked sense of humour.  We thank him for hosting us and releasing Sister Toyin to us.


We met Bro Ade and Sister Fola Omotunde and their son, Joshua.  It was a wonderful reunion.  Another great fellowship at NCC Samonda where we had a holy communion service.

The DGO, Rev Femi Oyelade, led a time of prayer and exhortation.   After the meeting we had a good time of fellowship catching up with our brethren from other churches.

I got  home to a table laid with Eba, igbin, efo, fish and goat meat. That was the handiwork of  my wonderful  brother in law, Gboyega.  It would have been an insult to  refuse the meal. So I sat down to Reload Gracefully.



‘Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.’ Hebrews 12:14

Sister Deola, Covenant Women President, encouraged us at the workers’ prayer meeting to be loving and tolerant.  “We will step on each other toes.  When it happens, first look at your feet, check whether it was in the wrong position”.  I remembered the advice throughout the outreach.

Day 4: Monday 21 October 2019: Angels Ahead

On the way to Ogbomoso we saw some of the most beautiful undulating hills. Cocoa trees lined both sides of the road. Untapped walking holidays terrain and glam camping opportunities were all over the place. My wife was tempted to build a country home in the area. I could imagine her as a village pastor.

Sweet Music from the radio

I woke up again to the sound of angels singing.  During my worship session the light went off and the angels stopped singingIt turned out to be music from the security man’s radio.

 Do not laugh!

Angels Ahead

The phone rang at 6.55am. The people who had assembled at Ilupeju were ready to leave for Ibadan but there were 3 people missing. Frantic calls were made. Detective Chief Superintendent Enny Idowu called London and found out that Sister Shade’s flight would arrive the next day while Mrs Adewumi was on her way from Apapa. Sister Bolaji’s plane had landed. She will arrive soon. The crisis over.

At 8.00am, two buses and a luggage van arrived at OPIC estate. Our 9 strong OPIC contingent with loads of medical bags joined the bus. Ogbomoso here they come. They set off with angels ahead of them and a police escort behind. It took them 1 hour 20 minutes from OPIC to arrive in Ibadan. The quickest ever journey recorded by any of the team members on the Lagos – Ibadan expressway.

As they were approaching Ibadan, another set of frantic calls were made to get people ready at Goshen event centre for the convoy to set off for Ogbomoso. The Ile Tuntun sisters were delayed due to their bus being held by the Police.

Mummy Kate, Bro Bruce, Sister Sharon, Bro James and the Lagos contingent arrived before some of the Ibadan dwellers. I remembered to look at the position of my feet. Warm embraces all around. Our Ohio contingent consisting of Bro Gbenro, Sister Odun, Bro Gbenga and the Ladipos also arrived. While lunch was being served, we were informed that the luggage bus had broken down. It will take a little while for it to be repaired. Thank God it broke down in Ibadan. Our luggage was transferred to another van and the bus was left behind.

4 cars, 4 buses and an escort car set off at 1.30pm for Ogbomoso. A swift decision was taken to travel via Iwo instead of Oyo due to the trailer traffic. Iwo road here we come. The escort did a fantastic job. Moving ahead clearing the traffic. Iwo road bridge was navigated within 2 minutes. That was a miracle.

On the way to Ogbomoso we saw some of the most beautiful undulating hills. Cocoa trees lined both sides of the road. Untapped walking holidays terrain and glam camping opportunities were all over the place. My wife was tempted to build a country home in the area. I could imagine her as a village pastor. We stopped for the cars lagging to catch up. We had a brake pad scare with one of the vans. It took us 3.5 hours to Ogbomoso without any stress.


The day started off with a series of frantic phone calls. My wife was running late. She deliberately refused to pick up my calls as she had the responsibility to ensure that the people and possession were loaded on the bus. My wise friend warned me against upsetting her so I went back to bed. When they arrived in Ibadan, we were still waiting for the people staying in Ibadan to arrive. If I had upset her we would have had a silent journey to Ogbomoso. Not all battles are worth fighting. Seeking peace is an act which has great rewards.

Day 5: Tuesday 22 October 2019 -You are the answer to prayers

Refreshment Time

We had a wonderful fellowship in the hotel. Introductions were made and expectations shared. It was humbling as well as aspiring to hear all the responses. Our morning and evening fellowship over the week were very refreshing after a long day’s work and strengthening before we set off. The combination of praise, prayers and prophesies powered many testimonies. The Ogi, yam, a good variety of “swallow” strengthen the body

You are the answer to prayers

We marched to the camp site for a praise parade around the town. It initially looked like we were unprepared and disorganised. No leaflets to distribute. No plan to follow. But in the chaos, God was glorified. We walked, danced and spread the gospel with joy in the marketplace, shops and homes.


Sister Comfort and I went into a grocery shop and witnessed to Olatundun, a young lady, who was practicing her make up skills on herself. She owned the shop and was a makeup artist on the side. Within a few minutes of listening to the gospel she gave her live to Christ. I was elated. Sister Comfort was energetic and passionate about souls. In and out she went, spreading the gospel like a wildfire. The leaflets arrived and we intensified our efforts. Jesus saves, he heals, he sets the captives free.



Bro Gabriel Adeyemo using the loud hailer. It is time to repent and embrace a new life in Christ. Jesus is interested in your spirit, soul and body. Free medical treatment, free surgeries, free eye glasses. You will have access to free business empowerment seminars. These messages were booming out of the louder speakers on mounted the pickup truck.



We went from shop to shop, stall to stall, business to business spreading the word like a wild fire. The people were very receptive to the gospel. Commitments were made on the streets. People were prayed for. Many promises to attend were made especially from the youth.  Everyone was joyfully sharing the gospel.






As we were dancing and giving out leaflets, a large party including Rev Kate, Bro Bruce, Sharon, James and Gbenga visited the Vice Chancellor of Ladoke Akintola University of Science and Technology (LAUTECH). The university has 34,000 students and 600 staff. The Vice Chancellor said, “You are an answer to prayers”. They had discussed the need for a revival in the university. He opened the door to the church for a mission and revival meetings in January 2020.








A courtesy call was made to The Onipetu of Ijeru. He is a full-on Christian with a Mark 16 mandate to take the gospel to the northern part of the country. He operates a Christian radio station. His wife led a worship session in his palace. He was delighted that Liberty had come to set Ogbomoso free.




The same party visited the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Oladunni Oyewumi. it was another warm royal welcome.





In the afternoon we came back for a meeting with the planning committee.  Rev Wale Adeyemi and his team had done a lot of work. We mapped out the grounds and re-organised the location of some of the departments to improve the follow. Counselling training was being undertaken while the kitchen was preparing dinner.








Over 300 workers assembled for the Orientation. We covered our ethos, what to expect during the week, how to welcome and love our guests. Bruce took an impartation session.



The news of Liberty Ogbomoso had spread like wide fire amongst the indigenes and surrounding towns.  People traveled far and wide to access our offer.  As we were leaving the camp site, a man approached us that they had come from Ibadan for the eye clinic.  He wanted to know where they were going to sleep.  With no accommodation available, he was prepared to sleep on a mat in the hall.  I could only pray that he meets with Jesus tomorrow, the One who opens the eyes of the blind.

Day 6: Wednesday 23 October 2019 – You can make a difference


A miracle of sight restoration and walking

Villagers started to arrive from 7.00am. They had issued themselves with numbers in preparation to seeing the medics.  We rearranged the chairs under the tent after the team briefing and prayers.

Then invited the villagers to move to the tent. Like a gust of wind, they blew pass us leaving behind an old man who could barely walk.

I arranged for him to be carried into the tent.  He was carried on “doubled up chairs” for strength.


He was carried right to the front of the tent sitting in front of all those who had run ahead of him. That was the beginning of his miracle. A miracle of sight restoration and walking. To the glory of God he was carried in but walked out.  He was able to see clearly colours which he previously could not recognise.


You can make a difference

There was a great expectation on the grounds that something special was about to happen. Final preparations were made to receive the people. We had a drama session followed by the testimony of James Aladiran who schooled in Ogbomoso.  Rev Ajao preached with 328 people responding to the salvation message. We quickly moved counselling from the main tent to a side tent and created space for the Healing school. This was to enable a better flow of people around the tent.

Healing school with the deliverance team prayed for numerous people.  People preferred prayers to seeing the doctors. They believed that Jesus can heal and deliver. This delighted our heart that people believed in the power of God to save, deliver and restore.  The team had their hands full.  The doctors, pharmacy, dentistry, nurses, laboratory, cervical screening and physical therapy were all set up ready for their patients. Most departments closed late except for the Eye clinic.

The Eye clinic started with a big bang. The queues were long. 361 people had registered by 3pm. As we were rounding up under the main tent, there was a torrential rain storm. The rain knocked down the 500-seater Eye clinic tent while the people were still sitting under it.

I ran over to meet Sister Lola, Sarah, Immanuel and Samuel holding the tent’s central pole preventing it from fully collapsing on the villagers.  I commend their bravery and compassion. In the process, Sarah got shocked by a fallen live wire. Sarah was on fire.  The bolt of electricity did a funny thing to her hair, a new afro style emerged. As she got out of the tent her left arm went into spasm.  I had to step in as a trained catcher again. We thank

God for answered prayers, medical intervention and 2 physio therapy sessions. She recovered and restored anew.

We sent over 170 disappointed patients home to return at 9.00am tomorrow. Lord, we need you help to manage the overflow.

The rain delayed the Liberty final match between the Liberty and Ogbomoso youth team. After a 1 – 1 draw the match was awarded to the Ogbomoso youth team as it was too dark to proceed to penalties.  Bruce preached the Gospel and prayed for all the footballers and the crowd of about 100 youth at Ogbomoso High School.  3 of our members with about 30 youths got stranded on the field as their borrowed van was recalled before the match ended. Bro Gbenga to the rescue.


The miracle above reminds me of the story of the 4 friends and the paralytic man who was carried by his friends to see Jesus.  The following people/teams came across his path – admin, ushers, walking by youths, intercessors, ministers, deliverance, and medics.  They were his ‘4 friends’.

The following thoughts dropped in my heart after the event. Ministry is about team work. One man cannot do it alone. No man/woman is more important than the other. We can all make a difference. Faith, love and compassion walks together.  Do not be envious, jealous or frustrated when people run ahead of you.  Stay focused, your miracle is ahead of you, not behind.

Day 7: Thursday 24 October 2019 – The unseen acts of faith

The conundrum – Rain or no rain

We had a word of prophesy while we were in London that it would rain heavily. The torrential rain came suddenly yesterday afternoon and knocked down one of our tents. It continued raining overnight. While praying yesterday evening, I heard someone pray for the rain to stop. I could understand their desire as the rain could prevent those who want to come for the event, affect our other tents, and flood the grounds. Then I thought of the good rain brings – it waters fields, cools the temperature, provides water for unlimited use etc. I would assume someone was praying for rain somewhere else. The heavy overnight rain turned into a drizzle and by 10.00am it had stopped. Our programme was unaffected. So, whose prayer was answered?

The previous day, we had surveyed the grounds in preparation for the programme. In doing so, we swapped the children’s tent for the eye clinic. The rain caused the tent to collapse. What would have happened if the children were having their lessons under the tent?

This story showed us God’s faithfulness, His saving power and demonstrates how He is in control of all events. God knew it was going to rain and made provision for it. We thank God for answered prayers.

The unseen acts of faith

As we arrived at Ogbomoso Recreation Centre, the collapsed tent was being erected and people were trickling into the eye clinic.  A decision had to be made within 30 minutes whether to relocate the eye clinic to the canteen. A very unpopular decision to make.

The meeting started off with a time of worship.  The saints on earth danced effusively while the angels in heaven roared in praise.  The villagers swayed to the right and then to the left with their hands flung high in worship.   It looked like the heavens had opened over them and they had seen a glimpse of the King of Kings seated at the right hand of the Father.

The drama team presented the message of the salvation and power of God through their drama sketch.  The people keyed into the message and responded with joy.

The atmosphere had shifted.  Something special was about to happen.  Rev Balogun preached a message of salvation from 2 Kings 5. There was another great surge forward in response to the gospel. 264 people came out for counselling. After the message, there were four groups of people who required our attention – new believers, mature Christians who wanted to access medical facilities, those who wanted to attend healing school for prayers and a hard core of people who were not interested in the gospel. Each person’s needs were catered for.

Breast screening, ear irrigation and wound care were one of our newly established clinics this year. Sisters Dupe, Funmi, Bolaji and Tola were the main nurses and helpers. It was quite a humbling experience to see them washing the feet and ears of the villagers. Just like Jesus did. Fatia Adetunji, an 8-year old girl, was run over by a hit and run car in February. She was sent home from school for a 300 naira (70 pence) school fee debt. Her leg was broken in 2 places. She had not walked since the accident. After some sessions of wound treatment and prayers, she walked for the first time in eight months. Liberty agreed to pay for her operation.

The mother of a 7-year-old boy complained that he could not hear properly. It was more like he wilfully disobeyed instructions. She handed him over to the nurse for ear irrigation. After an ear was ‘washed’, he shouted I can hear properly; I can hear properly. It was quite a pleasure to see his face radiate with joy. The story still gives me goose bumps. Can you imagine the number of ‘hands of fellowship’ he would have received at home and school for a simple ailment caused by ear wax.

Babatunde was our first surgical intervention case. He had liverproblems, a large leg ulcer and jaundice. He was rushed to Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BOWEN) where he was immediately admitted. Sister Kemi Ogunsan arranged for blood donations from volunteers. That was one of many examples of making people free.

Many patients had high blood pressure. 220/100 was rampant. We have noticed over the years that cities/areas have high cases of a particular disease or condition. We pray the Lord will set Ogbomoso free from every territorial spirit. BOWEN through its Chief Medical Officer, Prof Olupona generously acceded to our call to provide monthly follow up appointments for the high blood pressure patients. Three months medical supplies were given to each patient. A big thank you to all the donor hospitals in America (It would be nice to include the names of these hosiptals if you can get them) that made this possible, and to BOWEN.

Back to the ear clinic, the villagers started to arrive in their droves. It was chaos. We had to deal with the early birds according to the numbers issued the day before. While the late comers were seated on a first come, first served basis. It took over 45 minutes to get some form of order.


Have you ever asked the question, why does God use imperfect human beings like us to do His work? My response is – Because we are available and willing to be used.

Showcased today are the breast screening, wound care and ear irrigation clinic and Sister Kemi’s intervention in the emergency case. But there were many unseen acts of faith, love and compassion that might have gone unnoticed by anyone. A touch, hug, prayer or sponsorship to name a few. The cooks, drivers, cleaners, ushers, intercessors, teachers, counsellors, admin staff made themselves available and contributed to the work. I conclude that if you are willing and available God will use you to make people free.

Day 8: Friday 25 October 2019 – It is all His work

Your business is God’s business when you do His business

Esther 5:1 – 2 On the third day, Esther put on her royal robe and stood in the inner court of the palace in front of the king’s hall. The king was sitting on his royal throne in the hall facing the entrance. When he saw Queen Esther standing in the court, he was pleased with her and held out to her the gold sceptre that was in his hand. So Esther approached and touched the tip of the sceptre.

I desperately needed to get to the bank. After many failed attempts, we left the campsite at 1.45pm on Wednesday. Half way into our journey we received a phone call that Prof Ologunde, Lautech’s VC had arrived on site and was looking for Mummy Kate. We turned back and met with him.  Today we made another attempt and successfully got there. Before we set off, we realised that we did not have with us the expired bank card which would really be useful as a proof.  The bank account details in our possession were incomplete. Armed with my passport and a lot of hope for favour, we confidently marched into the bank. We sat in front of the customer services officer and my friend told my story like a joke.  I was asked for my address.  My first response was wrong as they had renumbered the house yet again. After 15 minutes, we walked out amazed that I had a new bank card, pin number and internet access to the account.  This story might sound ridiculous, but I have come to understand that favour is about enjoying help, support, kindness or rules flexed on your behalf.

When it happens to you or another person, please rejoice and remember it is God who is working on your behalf.

It is all His work

This morning was a particularly joyful day for those who had their cataract surgeries done yesterday. Some came in blind or with blurred vision.  The expectations were high for them to see clearly. One by one, their patches were removed.  Halleluyah, they could see. Many gave testimonies of the goodness of God.

While some rejoiced in the morning, a young girl turned up in the evening for her morning surgery. Unfortunately, the clinic had closed. She missed a life enhancing opportunity.  I was not privy to the reasons why she came late but I could feel her pain as she walked away crying filled with disappointment.  I met another elderly woman in the eye clinic whose blood pressure was 186/120.    Prof Toyin asked if she was aware of her high blood pressure and why was she not treating it.  She responded that she had to choose between buying food or medicine.  I have seen many cases where people had to make life and death decisions based on their presence circumstances.  The choices are often stack.

Rev Asumo shared his personal testimony of once being a young man on his way to hell but he enjoyed the mercy of God. The people responded to the message of hope in their droves.


Prof Ologunde paid an unannounced visit to the campsite at 2pm on Wednesday.   2pm is significant as Mummy Kate had called a meeting at 2pm to discuss LAUTECH. We had a meeting with the VC and Prof Adegboyejo, the chairman of the campus Christian community to discuss the issues facing the institution.  Today we were informed that we should embark upon a prayer walk around the campus tomorrow blessing the students and staff, breaking strongholds on the campus and dedicating the place to the Lord. It was an inspired decision.






Bruce, Sharon and James were on hand to set the youth on fire. James who was raised in Nigeria until he left for England at the age of 18 spoke impassionedly of the need for yoing people to be on fire for the Lord. Sharon spoke about sexual purity and Bruce prayed for them to be filled with the spirit and power of God.

To my great delight, Iyinoluwa and her mum joined us today.  We met Iyin at Liberty 2015 in Awe.  She worked with a huge smile on the medical registration team.  I recall her being very organised, friendly with good customer service skills.  I am happy to see her blossom over the years into a practising psychologist.  I was happy to put her to work in the eye clinic.

As you may recall, Sarah was “set on fire” on Wednesday. This year we had a physiotherapist and trained masseuse who has ‘healing hands’. Sister Folashade Airebamen was a true blessing to the outreach. A man who encountered her in Apapa outreach gave a testimony of not being able to walk properly for several years. After his massage, his leg became fully functional. He can now kneel and walk amongst other things! 296 people attended physiotherapy sessions. Luke 4:40 says Jesus laid hands upon them and they were healed. This is fulfilled each time she massages or lays her hands on patients with the love of Christ. In her own words, this is a gift which will always be used to glorify the Lord.

We met Basirat, a former Muslim, who was abandoned with four children. She earned 10,000 naira monthly (£25) as a toilet attendant. She was miserable until we told her of the saving power of Jesus. She was in pain in her arm and breast. The pain left after she was prayed for. She was taken to the business empowerment seminar where she started to learn how to make bags. She was so full of joy that the next day she turned up with her son who he is now learning how to make shoes. We have followed her up with another health check and money to establish a business. She publicity declared her love for Jesus again at our Sunday service and is now a regular church member.


I was challenged listening to why people went to Ogbomoso last  year and what God had told them to do.  Have a deep compassion for souls, minister to single parents, speak to the lonely, care for the wounds of the heart, set the spiritually bound and captives free, wash the ears of villagers and care for their wounds,  and take people off the streets are just a few reasons.


Liberty fuelled by sacrifice, passion and skills.  In fulfilling the Lord’s commission to making disciples of all nations we are called to do some special things for him.  Personally, that is one of the unique purposes we have been created for.  The assignments mentioned above were birthed from their passion, undertaken with great skills and sacrifice.   Some of the skills are professional while others  are acquired through experience.  Some went out seeking the beneficiaries, while some had people sit in front of them expecting a blessing, miracle, breakthrough or positive outcome to their issue.  God used the prepared and unprepared in making it happen.  It is His work not ours after all.

As we focus on doing it for God’s glory, we are fulfilling  His purpose and making a difference in the lives of those we meet.


Day 9: Saturday 26 October 2019 – THE FINAL PUSH

God has a good sense of humour

Clothes collection, packing and distribution is a lot of hard work.  I doff my hat for the hard work put in by the Nigeria, America and UK teams.  They all do an excellent job.  I saw Mr Xxxx Yusuf, walking up and down the grounds on Wednesday.  He was quite noticeable because he wore a winter coat in the hot heat.  He later approached me that he needed some clothes and shoes.  We went to the welfare tent but there was nothing for him.  I asked him to see me the next day.  By the time I saw him on Saturday, he had new clothes on.  Fast forwards 24 hours, I saw him again in church on Sunday, he was called out to receive his baptism certificate.  This time he was proudly wearing a tie I had donated.  This event was encouraging and humbling.  Encouraging because getting people to pack and transport the clothes to Nigeria is very stressful and expensive.  At the end of September, I was determined to close the project down considering the opportunity costs of using the resources.  Humbling, because of the coincidence of Mr Yusuf being the one to receive a tie I donated in London, and putting a good use to it too. God has a good sense of humour.


Today is environmental sanitation day in Ogbomoso – a time when the whole community comes out to clean their neighbourhood.  There is no vehicular movement before 9.00am. Our colleagues going back to Lagos and Ibadan were delayed due to this movement restriction.

By 8.55am we were ready to move.  All roads led to LAUTECH.  Four vans and a fleet of cars descended on the university with a host of angels.  We were on an assignment to take back territory and breakdown strongholds.  We were met by the VC, Prof Adegboyejo, some lecturers and students at the gate.  The praise session was spontaneous.  Everyone raised songs of praise and adoration to our Lord.  Rev Badejo led us in a time of proclamation and prayers with Psalm 24.  We dedicated the campus onto the Lord.

Picture of us knelling down. And praying at the main gate. Pictures of us walking and dancing.


Sister Dupe Ajayi, a woman of many talents, led the procession of praise. We took over the main road dancing and singing to our Lord.  We stopped as the senate building, and also at the second and third gates of the university where further proclamations and prayers were made.

The intercessors proceeded from the third gate to the chapel with a symphony of praise filling the air.  We continued dancing, singing and prophesying into the lives of the students, staff and school.  We knew at the end that the Holy Spirit had come down to take His place.

As we entered into the main grounds, Rev Balogun was making the altar call.  The response was huge.  The villagers came out for the last time to receive the gift of life.  With the good intention of better managing the crowd, the team asked the people to queue and pick numbers.  There was a mass surge forward for the tickets.  It was chaotic.  We really thank God that the lame, weak and infirm were not trampled upon.  It took another 20 minutes to calm the audience.

After counselling, the people were able to go to general medical team. The nurses, doctors and the pharmacy were literally the last ones standing.  The eye clinic closed because we did not have any opticians to attend to the patients.  Many people went home disappointed.  The last eyes surgeries were completed.  The patches will be removed tomorrow.  The dentists were also still there brushing, polishing and extracting decayed teeth.  I admire their tenacity.

Quite a number of our members had returned to Lagos, so we had fewer hands for one of our largest crowds.  The healing school team was thin on the ground with most of the leaders away.  But that did not stop the team from praying for the sick and setting the captives free.  Everyone moved up a gear.  The queues were long but the people waited patiently for their encounter with the Lord.  Each person received a touch from above.  You could see the peace, joy and relief on their faces after each encounter. This was a case of being willing for the Holy Spirit to work through you.

59 out of the 74 baptisms were held today.  The service was led by Pastor Olowe.  The pool was surrounded by well wishes, friends, church members and a two-piece worship team led by Sister Gloria.  Sister Gloria, our rolling with the Americans sister, belted out exuberant praise from a loud hailer.  The new converts were immersed in water, buried and raised alive in Christ.  It was a wonderful event to experience.


Psalm 92 says They shall be fresh and flourishing.

Today, I want to salute the grandmothers and great grandmothers in our midst. Grandma Ned was at the forefront distributing clothes.  Grandma Elizabeth A was in the children school passing on her wisdom to the next generation. Grandma Bolaji was binding wounds and washing the feet of the sick.  Grandmas Atinuke and Elizabeth E were in the healing school setting the captives free. Grandmas Dayo, Funmi, Ayinde and Comfort were counselling the new converts leading them on their new journey of salvation.  Grandma Gloria led worship at the baptismal pool.  Grandma Grace was in the kitchen ensuring the body was fed for the work ahead.

Well, here are examples of the fulfilment of God’s word