Ogbomoso Chronicles 2019 Day 8: Friday 25 October 2019

It is all His work

Your business is God’s business when you do His business

Esther 5:1 – 2 On the third day, Esther put on her royal robe and stood in the inner court of the palace in front of the king’s hall. The king was sitting on his royal throne in the hall facing the entrance. When he saw Queen Esther standing in the court, he was pleased with her and held out to her the gold sceptre that was in his hand. So Esther approached and touched the tip of the sceptre.

I desperately needed to get to the bank. After many failed attempts, we left the campsite at 1.45pm on Wednesday. Half way into our journey we received a phone call that Prof Ologunde, Lautech’s VC had arrived on site and was looking for Mummy Kate. We turned back and met with him.  Today we made another attempt and successfully got there. Before we set off, we realised that we did not have with us the expired bank card which would really be useful as a proof.  The bank account details in our possession were incomplete. Armed with my passport and a lot of hope for favour, we confidently marched into the bank. We sat in front of the customer services officer and my friend told my story like a joke.  I was asked for my address.  My first response was wrong as they had renumbered the house yet again. After 15 minutes, we walked out amazed that I had a new bank card, pin number and internet access to the account.  This story might sound ridiculous, but I have come to understand that favour is about enjoying help, support, kindness or rules flexed on your behalf.

When it happens to you or another person, please rejoice and remember it is God who is working on your behalf.

This morning was a particularly joyful day for those who had their cataract surgeries done yesterday. Some came in blind or with blurred vision.  The expectations were high for them to see clearly. One by one, their patches were removed.  Halleluyah, they could see. Many gave testimonies of the goodness of God.

While some rejoiced in the morning, a young girl turned up in the evening for her morning surgery. Unfortunately, the clinic had closed. She missed a life enhancing opportunity.  I was not privy to the reasons why she came late but I could feel her pain as she walked away crying filled with disappointment.  I met another elderly woman in the eye clinic whose blood pressure was 186/120.    Prof Toyin asked if she was aware of her high blood pressure and why was she not treating it.  She responded that she had to choose between buying food or medicine.  I have seen many cases where people had to make life and death decisions based on their presence circumstances.  The choices are often stack.

Rev Asumo shared his personal testimony of once being a young man on his way to hell but he enjoyed the mercy of God. The people responded to the message of hope in their droves.

Prof Ologunde paid an unannounced visit to the campsite at 2pm on Wednesday.   2pm is significant as Mummy Kate had called a meeting at 2pm to discuss LAUTECH. We had a meeting with the VC and Prof Adegboyejo, the chairman of the campus Christian community to discuss the issues facing the institution.  Today we were informed that we should embark upon a prayer walk around the campus tomorrow blessing the students and staff, breaking strongholds on the campus and dedicating the place to the Lord. It was an inspired decision.

Bruce, Sharon and James were on hand to set the youth on fire. James who was raised in Nigeria until he left for England at the age of 18 spoke impassionedly of the need for yoing people to be on fire for the Lord. Sharon spoke about sexual purity and Bruce prayed for them to be filled with the spirit and power of God.

To my great delight, Iyinoluwa and her mum joined us today.  We met Iyin at Liberty 2015 in Awe.  She worked with a huge smile on the medical registration team.  I recall her being very organised, friendly with good customer service skills.  I am happy to see her blossom over the years into a practising psychologist.  I was happy to put her to work in the eye clinic.

As you may recall, Sarah was “set on fire” on Wednesday. This year we had a physiotherapist and trained masseuse who has ‘healing hands’. Sister Folashade Airebamen was a true blessing to the outreach. A man who encountered her in Apapa outreach gave a testimony of not being able to walk properly for several years. After his massage, his leg became fully functional. He can now kneel and walk amongst other things! 296 people attended physiotherapy sessions. Luke 4:40 says Jesus laid hands upon them and they were healed. This is fulfilled each time she massages or lays her hands on patients with the love of Christ. In her own words, this is a gift which will always be used to glorify the Lord.

We met Basirat, a former Muslim, who was abandoned with four children. She earned 10,000 naira monthly (£25) as a toilet attendant. She was miserable until we told her of the saving power of Jesus. She was in pain in her arm and breast. The pain left after she was prayed for. She was taken to the business empowerment seminar where she started to learn how to make bags. She was so full of joy that the next day she turned up with her son who he is now learning how to make shoes. We have followed her up with another health check and money to establish a business. She publicity declared her love for Jesus again at our Sunday service and is now a regular church member.


I was challenged listening to why people went to Ogbomoso last  year and what God had told them to do.  Have a deep compassion for souls, minister to single parents, speak to the lonely, care for the wounds of the heart, set the spiritually bound and captives free, wash the ears of villagers and care for their wounds,  and take people off the streets are just a few reasons.
Liberty fuelled by sacrifice, passion and skills.  In fulfilling the Lord’s commission to making disciples of all nations we are called to do some special things for him.  Personally, that is one of the unique purposes we have been created for.  The assignments mentioned above were birthed from their passion, undertaken with great skills and sacrifice.   Some of the skills are professional while others  are acquired through experience.  Some went out seeking the beneficiaries, while some had people sit in front of them expecting a blessing, miracle, breakthrough or positive outcome to their issue.  God used the prepared and unprepared in making it happen.  It is His work not ours after all.
As we focus on doing it for God’s glory, we are fulfilling  His purpose and making a difference in the lives of those we meet.

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