Ogbomoso Chronicles 2019 Day 6: Wednesday 23 October 2019

You can make a difference

A miracle of sight restoration and walking

Villagers started to arrive from 7.00am. They had issued themselves with numbers in preparation to seeing the medics.  We rearranged the chairs under the tent after the team briefing and prayers.

Then invited the villagers to move to the tent. Like a gust of wind, they blew pass us leaving behind an old man who could barely walk.

I arranged for him to be carried into the tent.  He was carried on “doubled up chairs” for strength.

He was carried right to the front of the tent sitting in front of all those who had run ahead of him. That was the beginning of his miracle. A miracle of sight restoration and walking. To the glory of God he was carried in but walked out.  He was able to see clearly colours which he previously could not recognise.

There was a great expectation on the grounds that something special was about to happen. Final preparations were made to receive the people. We had a drama session followed by the testimony of James Aladiran who schooled in Ogbomoso.  Rev Ajao preached with 328 people responding to the salvation message. We quickly moved counselling from the main tent to a side tent and created space for the Healing school. This was to enable a better flow of people around the tent.

Healing school with the deliverance team prayed for numerous people.  People preferred prayers to seeing the doctors. They believed that Jesus can heal and deliver. This delighted our heart that people believed in the power of God to save, deliver and restore.  The team had their hands full.  The doctors, pharmacy, dentistry, nurses, laboratory, cervical screening and physical therapy were all set up ready for their patients. Most departments closed late except for the Eye clinic.

The Eye clinic started with a big bang. The queues were long. 361 people had registered by 3pm. As we were rounding up under the main tent, there was a torrential rain storm. The rain knocked down the 500-seater Eye clinic tent while the people were still sitting under it.

I ran over to meet Sister Lola, Sarah, Immanuel and Samuel holding the tent’s central pole preventing it from fully collapsing on the villagers.  I commend their bravery and compassion. In the process, Sarah got shocked by a fallen live wire. Sarah was on fire.  The bolt of electricity did a funny thing to her hair, a new afro style emerged. As she got out of the tent her left arm went into spasm.  I had to step in as a trained catcher again. We thank

God for answered prayers, medical intervention and 2 physio therapy sessions. She recovered and restored anew.

We sent over 170 disappointed patients home to return at 9.00am tomorrow. Lord, we need you help to manage the overflow.

The rain delayed the Liberty final match between the Liberty and Ogbomoso youth team. After a 1 – 1 draw the match was awarded to the Ogbomoso youth team as it was too dark to proceed to penalties.  Bruce preached the Gospel and prayed for all the footballers and the crowd of about 100 youth at Ogbomoso High School.  3 of our members with about 30 youths got stranded on the field as their borrowed van was recalled before the match ended. Bro Gbenga to the rescue.


The miracle above reminds me of the story of the 4 friends and the paralytic man who was carried by his friends to see Jesus.  The following people/teams came across his path – admin, ushers, walking by youths, intercessors, ministers, deliverance, and medics.  They were his ‘4 friends’.

The following thoughts dropped in my heart after the event. Ministry is about team work. One man cannot do it alone. No man/woman is more important than the other. We can all make a difference. Faith, love and compassion walks together.  Do not be envious, jealous or frustrated when people run ahead of you.  Stay focused, your miracle is ahead of you, not behind.

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