Ogbomoso Chronicles 2019 Day 7: Thursday 24 October 2019

The unseen acts of faith

The conundrum - Rain or no rain

We had a word of prophesy while we were in London that it would rain heavily. The torrential rain came suddenly yesterday afternoon and knocked down one of our tents. It continued raining overnight. While praying yesterday evening, I heard someone pray for the rain to stop. I could understand their desire as the rain could prevent those who want to come for the event, affect our other tents, and flood the grounds. Then I thought of the good rain brings – it waters fields, cools the temperature, provides water for unlimited use etc. I would assume someone was praying for rain somewhere else. The heavy overnight rain turned into a drizzle and by 10.00am it had stopped. Our programme was unaffected. So, whose prayer was answered?

The previous day, we had surveyed the grounds in preparation for the programme. In doing so, we swapped the children’s tent for the eye clinic. The rain caused the tent to collapse. What would have happened if the children were having their lessons under the tent?

This story showed us God’s faithfulness, His saving power and demonstrates how He is in control of all events. God knew it was going to rain and made provision for it. We thank God for answered prayers.

As we arrived at Ogbomoso Recreation Centre, the collapsed tent was being erected and people were trickling into the eye clinic.  A decision had to be made within 30 minutes whether to relocate the eye clinic to the canteen. A very unpopular decision to make.

The meeting started off with a time of worship.  The saints on earth danced effusively while the angels in heaven roared in praise.  The villagers swayed to the right and then to the left with their hands flung high in worship.   It looked like the heavens had opened over them and they had seen a glimpse of the King of Kings seated at the right hand of the Father.

The drama team presented the message of the salvation and power of God through their drama sketch.  The people keyed into the message and responded with joy.

The atmosphere had shifted.  Something special was about to happen.  Rev Balogun preached a message of salvation from 2 Kings 5. There was another great surge forward in response to the gospel. 264 people came out for counselling. After the message, there were four groups of people who required our attention – new believers, mature Christians who wanted to access medical facilities, those who wanted to attend healing school for prayers and a hard core of people who were not interested in the gospel. Each person’s needs were catered for.

Breast screening, ear irrigation and wound care were one of our newly established clinics this year. Sisters Dupe, Funmi, Bolaji and Tola were the main nurses and helpers. It was quite a humbling experience to see them washing the feet and ears of the villagers. Just like Jesus did. Fatia Adetunji, an 8-year old girl, was run over by a hit and run car in February. She was sent home from school for a 300 naira (70 pence) school fee debt. Her leg was broken in 2 places. She had not walked since the accident. After some sessions of wound treatment and prayers, she walked for the first time in eight months. Liberty agreed to pay for her operation.

The mother of a 7-year-old boy complained that he could not hear properly. It was more like he wilfully disobeyed instructions. She handed him over to the nurse for ear irrigation. After an ear was ‘washed’, he shouted I can hear properly; I can hear properly. It was quite a pleasure to see his face radiate with joy. The story still gives me goose bumps. Can you imagine the number of ‘hands of fellowship’ he would have received at home and school for a simple ailment caused by ear wax.

Babatunde was our first surgical intervention case. He had liver problems, a large leg ulcer and jaundice. He was rushed to Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BOWEN) where he was immediately admitted. Sister Kemi Ogunsan arranged for blood donations from volunteers. That was one of many examples of making people free.

Many patients had high blood pressure. 220/100 was rampant. We have noticed over the years that cities/areas have high cases of a particular disease or condition. We pray the Lord will set Ogbomoso free from every territorial spirit. BOWEN through its Chief Medical Officer, Prof Olupona generously acceded to our call to provide monthly follow up appointments for the high blood pressure patients. Three months medical supplies were given to each patient. A big thank you to all the donor hospitals in America (It would be nice to include the names of these hosiptals if you can get them) that made this possible, and to BOWEN.

Back to the ear clinic, the villagers started to arrive in their droves. It was chaos. We had to deal with the early birds according to the numbers issued the day before. While the late comers were seated on a first come, first served basis. It took over 45 minutes to get some form of order.


Have you ever asked the question, why does God use imperfect human beings like us to do His work? My response is – Because we are available and willing to be used.

Showcased today are the breast screening, wound care and ear irrigation clinic and Sister Kemi’s intervention in the emergency case. But there were many unseen acts of faith, love and compassion that might have gone unnoticed by anyone. A touch, hug, prayer or sponsorship to name a few. The cooks, drivers, cleaners, ushers, intercessors, teachers, counsellors, admin staff made themselves available and contributed to the work. I conclude that if you are willing and available God will use you to make people free.

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