Ogbomoso Chronicles 2019 Day 3: Sunday 20 October 2019

Reloading Gracefully

Sounds of angels

I woke up to the sounds of angels singing. That led to a wonderful worship session. I phoned my beautiful sisters in Ile tuntun to see how they were and was informed that they needed a ride. My driver was from Lagos so it would have been impossible without help to get anywhere in Ibadan. Google maps, human A to Z and Holy Spirit guidance got us there. Very grateful to our Lord for divine intervention



We arrived at Goshen at 8.56am and had an amazing session of praise.

Bruce preached on the blood of Jesus referring to the 7 places where Jesus shed His blood. Many  people responded to the gospel.  There was an awesome presence of the Lord.

It was a lovely touch for all the people celebrating their birthdays in October to cut the Liberty 20th anniversary cake.  More calories to share!


I joined the ministering team during the power session and I popped a muscle catching one of the men.  I became limping Jacob for the week.

Sister Toyin hosted us for lunch. It was the 1st time, I can recall talking to her

husband Dr Tony Marinho. What a lovely, gentle, understanding man with a wicked sense of humour.  We thank him for hosting us and releasing Sister Toyin to us.

We met Bro Ade and Sister Fola Omotunde and their son, Joshua.  It was a wonderful reunion.  Another great fellowship at NCC Samonda where we had a holy communion service.

The DGO, Rev Femi Oyelade, led a time of prayer and exhortation.   After the meeting we had a good time of fellowship catching up with our brethren from other churches.

I got  home to a table laid with Eba, igbin, efo, fish and goat meat. That was the handiwork of  my wonderful  brother in law, Gboyega.  It would have been an insult to  refuse the meal. So I sat down to Reload Gracefully.


‘Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.’ Hebrews 12:14

Sister Deola, Covenant Women President, encouraged us at the workers’ prayer meeting to be loving and tolerant.  “We will step on each other toes.  When it happens, first look at your feet, check whether it was in the wrong position”.  I remembered the advice throughout the outreach.


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    Funmi Adewumi says

    Thank you for reminding us of the wonderful time of fellowship, reunion, prayers, worship, thanksgiving and more. I’m truly looking forward to Liberty 2020 in Fiditi. God bless you my brother.

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