6 DAYS IN IMINI – Oct 24 – 30 2011   A personal view   Kate Jinadu


In 1999 a small  school was started in rented accommodation by Dr Wale Adekunle.  Liberty was able to purchase 9 acres of ground and build a brand new 10 classroom facility. This was augmented by a borehole, at that time the only source of pure water in the village. In 2008 we were able to provide our teachers with an 10 roomed hostel complete with flush toilets, tiled showers and a fitted kitchen. This building, designed by Prof Titi Hassan, is the marvel of the village. We had a presence in Imini, we were doing “good” but did they know and love the God we serve? It was a shock to understand that inspite of our efforts the majority of the villagers, even our “own” children had no experience of the Resurrected Lord. So LIBERTY 2011 was born.

Almost 20years ago I heard Ed Silvoso speak at B’ham on the Kingdom of God – a  holistic gospel. I then travelled to Argentina to see for myself. Later I came across the ‘Transformation’ videos of George Otis Jnr. I began to understand that through prayer, repentance,  fasting and ultimately the grace of God it is possible to see the Kingdom of God come on earth. Since then I have been longing to see my family,  my community, and indeed any community, radically impacted by the Kingdom of God.

We were privileged to see this in a small measure in the last week of October when Liberty Teams from UK, USA, and Nigeria descended on the village of Imini. Our teams are multi-talented and mega committed. More importantly we love Jesus and one another. We have a common goal and have prayed together for many years but specifically throughout 2011. Our target was a radical, dynamic life changing encounter for the King and all his people. With this in mind, Robert volunteered to “prepare the way” by living and praying in the village for a week before the outreach. Eternity will tell what walls were pulled down. The teachers and children, I believe, will never be the same.


4 Opthalmologists, & 12 ancillary staff led by Dr Femi Soetan ,  a team of doctors led by Dr Bade Omolulu, specialist nurses, 2 dentists, a physio, and a dietician. Then there were the counsellors, evangelists, managers (both junior & senior!); Youth and children’s workers , worshippers, dancers, drama team and photographers not to mention the caterers who fed over 2,000 villagers and team members with delicious food every day; all of us bringing our time, talents and energy to the people of Imini. 35 people on the UK/USA team were augmented by some 500 covenant women, ably led by Rev Bola Asuni and Samanda Conference workers led by Rev Soji  Oluwasina  under the governance of Rev Akin Baiyeroju, the Conference Pastor. These men excelled in the gifts of organisation and administration. The tents and marquee were donated by Mike and Lola Adegun, who as usual, worked unstintingly to make things tick.


The Lord had told us to enter the village with high praise. He said as we praised and worshipped the Kingdom of God would come and all other influences would be driven out. He said that praise would become toxic to the enemy and that  the one on the high chair would be deposed so that the KING of Kings could reign in Imini. In obedience we entered the village with drumming, trumpets, dancing and high praise – we were rocking!

On route to this great praise party we met Taiwo the tailor who had   been lame and unable to walk, having to shuffle around on his ‘bum.’ We had prayed for him on our last visit but not waited around to see the result. Apparently he was instantly healed and is now leaping around like the man at the Beautiful Gate. On that Monday he was testifying to all and sundry. Later he surrendered his life to Jesus and was baptised in water, receiving his new name, Andrew.


The Olumini of Imini has jurisdiction over 43 villages. Though we had witnessed to him many times he remained intransigent. Wednesday was the official opening of the Event. He came accompanied by his body guard and the village chiefs . At six foot two he looked every inch a king resplendent in white shoes, white lace agbada, white cane and hat. He sat on the front row listening with wrap attention while ‘Baba Ajao’ gave an impassioned message. At the altar call I could hardly breathe but YES, he was on his feet, first to the front, baring his head for the sinners ‘prayer. Naturally most of the villagers and all the chiefs, followed him. Two days later he was visited by two Christian Obas more powerful than he. They went through the four steps of salvation with him and laid hands on him to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Later in the day I visited him in his ‘palace’. He was not sitting on his throne as he always had been, but on an easy chair at the side of the room. The throne had been moved to one side and was covered with cushions. I sat next to him. It is the first time I’ve seen him animated and loquacious! “You have delivered me!” “Imini is for Jesus and Jesus is for Imini.” “You can have as much land as you like.”   “You could have brought this great team to any major town in Nigeria but you brought them here to my village.” He was full of joy; full of gratitude and so were we; our hearts bursting with gratitude to this great God- a God of utter compassion who hears and answers prayer.


We observed that many of them were moslems. Our hearts were moved with compassion as we saw the sick, the wretched, and the lost. Over the five days we saw people, old and young, turn to the Lord through the clear and forceful preaching of the gospel; many were filled with the Holy Spirit and many baptised in water. Several were healed and delivered. Around 2,000 villagers were given free medical examinations, medicines, new clothes, not to mention the  daily food supply.

The effect on the children and young people was profound

We were also able to interact with the teachers and the village pastors



We pray that not one of these will be lost. We are dependent on the village pastors, the teachers and the Holy Spirit to turn these dear ones into radical disciples. It seems the most pressing need is a new church building as it is culturally unacceptable to meet in a school building. Land has been donated and our team raised £600 to start the process. We were able to add a further £1,000 for a temporary structure. But a permanent building will cost a good deal more. The eight pastors have asked for motorbikes and we have committed to supply them. The teachers have asked for laptops which I would love them to have. In fact we need to raise intercessors to pray for the King, the teachers and the pastors on a daily basis.

For me this was one of the best weeks in my life. Most of the UK/USA team had tummy bugs, Robert malaria, Ian, sunstroke but hey IT WAS WORTH IT!

We prayed and praised and shared together every morning at &am and again at 8pm.The buses were bone shakers, the sun was HOT, the work challenging but what JOY to see a village transformed by JESUS. All praise and glory to the Most High God.

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