In October, we held our 5th Liberty Outreach targeting three locations in Oyo State, Nigeria: Eruwa, Ide-Ope, and Temidire.

Please see update below:

Pastoral Care

A total of 1,237 men, women and children were counselled for salvation.  The result is that 3 new churches have started.  An elder of Temidire was saved and instantly healed of a long-standing back pain.  He insisted that a church should start that very Sunday in his house.  The power of an Ogboni cultist was broken. The entire village is now rejoicing with freedom to progress spiritually, mentally and physically.  The village chief donated land to us so that we can build a school and a church.


Some team members from London visited our schools in Imini and Sepeteri.  They were amazed at the progress our pupils have made.

Our upcoming projects for 2006 are:

  • To purchase 500 acres of land in Temidire (@ £20 per acre)
  • To build 2 new schools (Sepeteri & Temidire)
  • To sink 2 new boreholes in these school grounds,
  • To start a City School which, hopefully, will provide finance for the three village schools.