Yesterday at 7pm we sent home around 80 people mainly volunteers who wanted to see the optician.  Our sole optician would not be able to attend today’s session due to a conflicting appointment. Dr Emeka, our optician, is a stalwart.  A very skilled and patient professional who year in year had held the department together.  Frantic phones calls were made to secure some agency replacements to resume work by 9.00am today.

The camp started to slowly fill up.  I was expecting a deluge.  But God did not give us more than we could handle.  The camp was to close at 1pm because most of the volunteers had to return to their homes today. Transporting people to Ibadan, Ife, Abuja etc was a major task.  Bus space was at a premium.

We met last night’s 80 and more volunteers patiently waiting for the at the Eye clinic

Mummy Kate spoke to Juliet, the hotel receptionist. She was not initially interested in the gospel.  On Sunday, Mummy Kate spoke to her again about the love of God and she dipped her hand into a bag of clothes that had been given to her to give away. Out came a coat with a fur cape that Mummy Kate had given away in England. Juliet wore the robe and Mummy Kate told her the king is covering her with love. The lady gave her life to Christ. Halleluyah.  She will be discipled by Sister Grace. Every Thursday, the lady will travel to Ibadan to learn bead making.

Sister Tola –  divine connections. From Washington DC to Epe to meet Pastor Thompson in person was amazing.

Sister Enny – God sees all the way. Her husband’s birthday was always during Liberty. She had invited him several times to Liberty but his response was I am not a village doctor. She did not want to miss his 60th birthday nor Liberty. Suddenly he decided to come.

During Liberty, her business flourishes. She receives referrals and wins awards. Finally, she was able tell her story to all the people God brought her way.

Sister Betty thanked the Lord for the generosity of Liberty members. Someone offered to pay half her fare to Epe. Liberty has given her confidence to win souls and minister outside the church. She just came back from a mission trip in Australia. She was baptised by Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues while praying for a convert in 2009.

Sister Jumoke said that she had booked her flight in March but faced many health challenges regarding her balance and eyes that she had to ask God whether it was a good idea to travel. His response was “We are co labourers’. She ministered to some young ladies and a married couple. The young ladies decided to be baptised in water. While she was praying she saw that both ladies where given her clothes that she had brought from England to be baptised in. What an amazing God.

Bro Lekan testified to the power of corporate prayer. Sisters Yetunde, Enny and him prayed for blind man and he received his sight. He noted that he thought he would not be attending liberty as he had travelled on several occasions to Nigeria. Last year, he was a catcher in the healing team. This year he was praying for people.

Sister Grace thanked God for Timothy receiving his sight back. He was written off by the consultants at UCH. But God made a way for his cornea transplant. Adeoye had been on the streets for two years. Liberty rescued him.  He is well enough to go back to work. God also provided a total package for her. All her children were present at her son’s wedding.

Sister Kemi L was initially discouraged when the travel arrangement for two of her sisters fell through. She had been signed off from work for six weeks. To come to Liberty would require her to return to work or get another sick note. She returned to work and has received her full healing.