Epe Chronicles 2017: Friday 27 October 2017

Innumerable Company of Angels

Office of the Camp Commandant

Alas, I had forgotten my camp pass at the hotel. We had been warned that our movement would be restricted around the campsite without one. Humbly, I went to the registration desk for a replacement. While everyone was identified with a department – medical, counselling, healing school, business empowerment, children, welfare, one person was in “items distribution”.  I had special duties.  I am sure you know what that means.  I waited patiently while they found a replacement. Bro Kayode, here you are. Out came the golden ticket – “Office of the Camp Commandant”. Whoa, working with the boss today.  Bro Peter, thank you seven times.  I legitimately had the power to lord it over Mr Oluwagbemiga Badejo A.k.a Baba Ibeji. The court is now in session.  It will soon be judgement day.


To whom much is given, much is required of. With power comes responsibility. In as much as I had the power to oppress my dear friend. He was to eat only after I eaten or to stay at the back of any photograph taken or to be banned from Akata. Opps, I can’t do that.  Compassion, humility and grace are a few of the key weapons in our ministry armoury.  We have been given a great responsibility to introduce Christ to people who would form a view of Jesus through their interactions with us.  What we say, how we say it and how we offer our free services matters a lot.  I heard some of the villagers state point blank that “We were minding our business at home when you invited us here. We are now here. Ensure that you meet your side of the bargain”.  We are sorry, please be patient, how can we help you? righting our wrongs made a great difference.  Everyone showed an abundance of love.  I saw hearts overflowing with courtesy, compassion, and care.  I need more of this.

There was a heavy air of expectation within the main tent.  Many of the villagers had arrived early anticipating a sovereign move of God. They sat quietly while the workers set up the chairs and instruments. They were not wrong. Today, we experienced what could only be described as a divine visitation.  We could feel the tangible presence of God in the camp.  Someone saw angels joining us in worship. Can you imagine an innumerable company of angels joining us in praising the King of Kings?  There was evident joy in the workers despite the sweat and dust from the heavy traffic plying the Epe/Ijebu Ode Road.  While up to 40 intercessors were praying in the upper room in Epe, we also had a team of those praying and fasting back in UK.

The Children’s section was already in action with puppetry and songs of praise. The business empowerment team was also setting up for another push. Men and women had to be set free from worklessness and poverty. While that was all going on, those who had been earmarked for surgery were assembled under the nurses’ tent by Prof Omololu and Dr Levi in preparation for their transportation to the hospitals. Sister Yemisi daily led the whole medical team in prayers offering their bodies and skills to the Lord. This year we had a contingent of over 15 doctors from LUTH and another large group of Jasons doctors and nurses. They all had their work cut out.

Back under the tent, the “gangan” drum and keyboard belted out melodious sound. Rababa, rababa, rababa from the worship team leader brought synchronised response from the congregation.  We all went down and up like a yoyo then swivelling around. It is wonderful to praise the Lord.  Pastor Akinola preached a message of deliverance.  The response to the message was immense, over 70% of the congregation came forward accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. They were prayed for and taken to the counselling tent.  A large number attended Healing School.  Many were prayed for and received healing without seeing a doctor. Some required further prayer with the deliverance team.

The youth meeting commenced around 1pm in Michael Odutola College of Education site.  They had a full programme of debates, discussions, drama, and a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. Mummy Kate, Bruce, Sharon and Gbenga were on various discussion panels. Football tournaments were also held where Pastor Bruce preached the gospel to the participants. Another great harvest of souls.

Today, was also prize giving/gift receiving day for the children. This coincided with the personal hygiene and etiquette talks.  All the gifts – toiletries, moisturisers, toothpastes and tooth brushes from bosses, colleagues, family, friends, and from sponsors filled their goodie bags.  Every child received a gift pack. The joy on the children’s faces were indescribable. Thanks everyone for all your love

Dr Femi Idowu, Sister Hannah and I had various meetings with the relatives of Folorunso – father, grandfather, grandmother, father’s sister and, the pastor of NCC Epe 2 were all in attendance.  He had put on weight since he had started eating the normal quantity of food. It was agreed that Sister Hannah would sponsor the child.  The baby was given a bag full of new clothes, a year’s worth of drugs, food for the week and handed to Pastor Tolu for pastoral care.  He definitely received a golden ticket. (The family attended the 1st Sunday service at the new Epe church)

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