Outreach Summary

AWE 2015 – Summary Report

Psalm 66:5 (NKJV)  “Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.”  The whole town rejoiced at the wonderful things that God was doing.  We have testimonies of so many lives turned round as people encounter Jesus in a dynamic, radical way. All of our converts are

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Badagry 2014 – Summary Report

Like the 70 in the bible, we too returned with great joy.  Surely the Lord has done great things for us.  Every year we come back saying, “This was the best yet,” and this year is no exception. We were 430 on the team drawn from Abuja, Ife, Ibadan, Akure, Ilorin, Ilesha, UK & the host Lagos.  We started on.

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Abraka 2013 – Summary Report

We thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve Him in various capacities in Abraka. The Lord’s help was evident all through the phases of preparation, during the outreach and even after the programme.  We still ponder on His faithfulness; It’s almost like a dream.

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Imini 2012 – Summary Report

Village Evangelism

In 2012, we held a mission in Imini covering 9 surrounding villages where:

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Imini 2011 – Summary Report

6 DAYS IN IMINI – Oct 24 – 30 2011   A personal view   Kate Jinadu


In 1999 a small  school was started in rented accommodation by Dr Wale Adekunle.  Liberty was able to purchase 9 acres of ground and build a brand new 10 classroom facility. This was augmented by a borehole, at that time the

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Eruwa 2005 – Summary Report

In October, we held our 5th Liberty Outreach targeting three locations in Oyo State, Nigeria: Eruwa, Ide-Ope, and Temidire.

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Imini 2004 – Summary Report

The work of liberty continues on a daily basis. In the last twelve months we have completed three new classrooms and a library for our school at lmini.  We have employed five teachers and educated over two hundred pupils.  We are greatly

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Ibadan 2003 – Summary Report


Financial Help and counsel for widows.

In the towns we have seen prostitutes successfully rehabilitated and 2 are currently being funded through university.

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Ibadan 2001 – Summary Report

We are working on 3 fronts:

In the Villages

Following the village crusade of, we are now working in over 100 villages in the Ibadan area with nearly 200 volunteers, including gap year students.  During the

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