Liberty 2011

Toyin Dagiloke’s diary @ IMINI VILLAGE


We open the morning session with high praise in Yoruba and English. The main tent is full of people from Imini village and the surrounding areas, praising God with hands raised. The sound of drums and instruments fills the whole tent and the sweet fragrance of praise rises up to heaven as we lift Jesus higher. We worship in Spirit and in Truth with a deep sense of reverence and unity.

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Imini 2011 – Summary Report

6 DAYS IN IMINI – Oct 24 – 30 2011   A personal view   Kate Jinadu


In 1999 a small  school was started in rented accommodation by Dr Wale Adekunle.  Liberty was able to purchase 9 acres of ground and build a brand new 10 classroom facility. This was augmented by a borehole, at that time the

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