Why you should join the mission

You can support Liberty to empower enitre commiunities in spirit, soul and body and make people free by going on an oureach, making a donation or praying for our work.

Your support will enable us to provide clean water, free education, scholarships, support to widows, free medical care, business empowerment and make disciples for Christ who live in villages and towns

 Every volunteer brings a unique gift and talent which helps transform lives.   We all work on different projects, depending on our skills and expereince, passions and giftings.  The underlying motivation is always the same – a desire to seek lives transformed and saved.

Our volunteers come from all works of life – medical, teaching, IT, business, administrtaion, finance, students, ministers of the gospel to name a few.  Our volunteers come from UK, USA, Ireland and Nigeria.

You can:-

Come – organise and attend outreaches in villages and towns across Nigeria.

Give – financially support the work of Liberty via standing order contributions, one off donations and participating in fund raising events.

Pray – organise and participate in prayer events throughout the year.

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