ere at Liberty we believe that love is a verb. It goes beyond words and manifests itself in actions. The love of God undergirds everything we do. Our aim is to transform entire communities body, soul, and spirit. We see the overwhelming joy of God’s love come alive in the communities that we reach out to as we listen, support, encourage and befriend the local people. Whenever possible if there is no church in the village we build one and provide spiritual guidance, pastoral care, counselling practical help and ongoing health care.


We have helped to support 62 village churches. Under the guidance of Rev Emmanuel Ajao we have provided motorbikes and help for some of the pastors. In October 2005, we held our 5th Liberty Outreach targeting three locations in Oyo State, Nigeria, Eruwa, Ide-Ope, and Temidire. A total of 1,237 men, women and children were counselled for salvation. As a result, 3 new churches started.

In 2011, on the 1st day of the programme the King sprang to his feet and walked forward to profess Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. The male and female chiefs, farmers, tailors, market traders from Imini and its surrounding villages all made the decision to follow Jesus. Nearly 1000 people in total. Money was raised by team members towards building a new church for the converts.

Local churches provide physical protection and shelter for the vulnerable. They often open up their homes to those in need finding temporary and permanent accommodation for the destitute and the homeless. In 2010, a local church had to shelter a 14 year old girl from a 72 year old man who want to take her out of school for marriage.

We have provided twelve new motorcycles for our Pastors to visit the various villages with ease.


During the Liberty missions, we provide hot meals for all participants. In Spain, we regularly feed people who sleep in parks and live on the streets.


Over the years, we have donated many items of clothing to babies, children, teens, men and women. Our generous donors have provided essential school uniforms for the primary and secondary school pupils giving them a great sense of unity and belonging. One of our sponsors, a local football club in Basildon, Essex supplied socks, tracksuit and sports bags for the children in Imini Village.

Liberty organises trips to the rural villages where we work. You are welcome to join the team of volunteers, who provide free medical and surgical care, agricultural and business empowerment, work with children and support to teachers and provide counselling to villagers.

In 2011, 35 volunteers from England and 4 from the USA worked with over 200 local volunteers to on the filed trip to Imini in Nigeria.

Via our 5-fold strategy,  Liberty works to empower and regenerate remote rural communities.

In the Villages:
  • Agricultural and Business Empowerment
  • Free Health Care
  • Clean Water
  • Good quality Primary and Secondary Education
  • Pastoral Care
In the Towns:
  • Well Woman Clinic & Health Awareness
  • Provide University Scholarships
  • Free Counselling
  • Financial Help and Counsel for Widows
  • Rehabilitation of Prostitutes
  • Orphans Support

A monthly contribution or one-off payment towards the cost of digging a well, sponsoring a child through school or evening building a school would make a big difference in the lives of the men and women we meet.

Prayer undergirds everything we do. Everyone is an intercessor but we also a faithful group of volunteers who pray for the success of our activities whilst the team is away. They organise prayer chains, night vigils and various prayer events to support the work. If you are an intercessor, we would love you to join us.

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