nowledge is power and access to good quality education is the only real way for most people to work their way out of poverty.The majority of the villagers are illiterate subsistent farmers who cannot afford to educate their children. By giving village children and young people free education, we provide an escape from ignorance, poverty and superstition.


Imini Primary School

We have been working in Imini since 2000 when we opened our first 73-place primary school in rented premises with 3 Teachers. Children aged 14 attended school for the first time. There were over 50 children on the waiting list by the end of the year. As a result, in 2003, Liberty purchased land and built a primary school doubling the school’s capacity. 

Imini school currently caters for 300 children.
In 2009, a state-of-the-art teacher accommodation was commissioned. It boasts 2 fitted kitchens, showers, flush toilets, bedrooms (some en-suite) in addition to all the usual amenities. Originally the teachers slept on mats using kerosene lamps and drew water from the river. This is a great step forward for them and most of the staff are studying for their Masters of Arts degree part time

Sepeteri Primary School

In 2004, our second primary school also started in rented premises in Sepeteri, a strong Muslim town. One hundred and forty nine pupils were taught in very cramped rented by five teachers. We later purchased land and built a purpose built school.  This is the only Christian school in the town. By 2007, our newly completed 2-wing school in Sepeteri was over-subscribed. Each block had eight classrooms, a library, office and a toilet block and a well. The school is immensely popular and we have a long waiting list.


In 2011, we completed the building of our first secondary school in Sepeteri. 120 of our older children moved into their brand new accommodation while the younger ones remain in the original building. We have wonderfully dedicated teachers and strong Christian witnesses in this Muslim town. Funding for teaching staff accommodation, science laboratory and library is still required.


We also contribute towards the payment of two teachers’ salaries at Aromire-Idowu and have helped to build a school in Ondo State.
We need to build a school in Akufo Village, where a makeshift church doubles up as a school for the village children.  The eager pupils are taught in the rudimentary structure by a team of liberty volunteers.


In October 2000, we reached over 25,000 young people with the gospel at an event at TransAmusement Park, Ibadan.  After the programme, 27 scholarships were awarded to 23 students studying in Nigerian universities and 2 students in Togo. We also gave scholarships to two women rescued for prostitution to complete their university studies. 

IT Training and Centre

We gave away 5 computers (one to the Student’s Union at Ibadan University) as part of out IT literacy support programme.

Adult Literacy

We have also started two adult literacy classes in villages.

Liberty organises trips to the rural villages where we work. You are welcome to join the team of volunteers, who provide free medical and surgical care, agricultural and business empowerment, work with children and support to teachers and provide counselling to villagers.

In 2011, 35 volunteers from England and 4 from the USA worked with over 200 local volunteers to on the filed trip to Imini in Nigeria.

Via our 5-fold strategy,  Liberty works to empower and regenerate remote rural communities.

In the Villages:
  • Agricultural and Business Empowerment
  • Free Health Care
  • Clean Water
  • Good quality Primary and Secondary Education
  • Pastoral Care
In the Towns:
  • Well Woman Clinic & Health Awareness
  • Provide University Scholarships
  • Free Counselling
  • Financial Help and Counsel for Widows
  • Rehabilitation of Prostitutes
  • Orphans Support

A monthly contribution or one-off payment towards the cost of digging a well, sponsoring a child through school or evening building a school would make a big difference in the lives of the men and women we meet.

Prayer undergirds everything we do. Everyone is an intercessor but we also a faithful group of volunteers who pray for the success of our activities whilst the team is away. They organise prayer chains, night vigils and various prayer events to support the work. If you are an intercessor, we would love you to join us.

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