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Epe Chronicles 2017: Wednesday 25 October 2017 | Liberty - Making People Free


Epe Chronicles 2017: Wednesday 25 October 2017

Some Come, Some Give and Some Pray

Our daily corporate morning devotion starts at 7.00 am.  Our appointed town crier, Sister Eucharia, did an excellent job of knocking on everyone’s doors by 6:50am.  Thanks very much my sister. Some fully dressed, others half-awake congregated in the courtyard for a refreshing time of fellowship and breakfast.  Sisters Grace and Sister Bukky did an excellent job.

Off to the campsite expectantly and excited.  Ready to take more territories for Christ. Some knew what to expect; many others were prepared to jump in. Nearly half of the team were first timers (but worked like veterans).  When we arrived on site some went under the main tent while others went to set up their work stations.

The main hall housed – the pharmacy, cervical smear tests, doctors, laboratory, and dentistry. The nurses and medical records were outside under tents. Setting up was difficult as there were no chairs, tables, or canopies for the nurses nor enough chairs inside the medical hall. Without the tent, the nurses could not set up nor work. Frantic phones calls were made.  The resources arrived and set up with just a couple of minutes to spare before the 1st patient arrived. Pastor Tolu did an excellent job.

The eye clinic was chaotic.  We registered 51 people in 2 hours. Lack of ushering personnel and poor layout did not help the team. To add to the stress there was no optician.  Sisters Funke, Feyi, Tope A, Tope O, Tanito and Sarah were overwhelmed. The queues were long and the people rowdy. Our English-speaking youths had their work cut out. The business empowerment team had not arrived also. God please help us. God was helping us as the children ministry were well prepared and had commenced operation at 9am. Well done.

There are some hidden treasures which I cannot but mention. The women in the kitchen woke up early and went to bed late.  800 volunteers and around 1000 villagers were fed daily.  You could see their labour of love through the smoke and their sweat. The sanitation team cleaned the toilets and kept the place clean throughout the day.  Even some of the villagers volunteered to sweep and clean the grounds. The secretariat and guest interface registered and provided administrative support throughout the programme. The Eye team from Ife arrived safely. We give thanks.

Ready, Steady, Souls

Under the tent, Bruce preached a powerful message of Salvation. The response was huge. Rows of people came forward accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Healing School commenced with 1 to 1 counselling while the majority of those who accepted Jesus went to the counselling tent. People started to trickle through to the medical and eye clinics until the dam busted with a flood of people overwhelming both stations. The deliverance team were fed with those who required further prayers and counselling. Liberty had begun.


It takes a village to train a child. The Liberty village contains a lot of skills and talents from all walks of life. You do not need to be a “professional” to be useful. You just need to make yourself available to be used of the Lord. Everyone contributes to the success of Liberty – Some Come, Some Give and Some Pray.

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