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Epe Chronicles 2017: Thursday 26 October - Part 1 | Liberty - Making People Free


Epe Chronicles 2017: Thursday 26 October – Part 1

Youth Takeover

New generation of leaders

Tope O and Tanito took the evening fellowship today.  We had a wonderful time praying and praising the Lord.  We were divided into groups and sent off to share how our day went.  The evening reports provides highlights of our discussions.  They shared from Ep 4:3 – Be kind and compassionate showing love to each other.  If we do not forgive each other, our light will grow dim.  The format was different.  Different for good. I was impressed with them being themselves expressing their love for God with their youthfulness. Liberty allows you to minister with boldness as you are. God is raising a new generation of leaders in our midst.  A big thank you to – Tope A, Tope O, Sarah, Tanito and Akinyemi for answering the call.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship this morning with the final set of people joining us.  Transportation was tricky today as we only had one bus for 50 people.  The private cars also helped shift people out but there was still 8 people left. Gbenga led the 8 down the dusty road on a quick march to the camp site. Onward Christian soldiers. We work with a miracle working God. An empty coaster bus from nowhere appeared on the horizon, Gbenga flagged it down for help. The driver agreed to take them to the venue if it was not more than 10 minutes.  What a great favour with a 1000-naira appreciation gift. This is Nija.

We were informed that there was port congestion at Apapa.  Nothing was coming out of the port.  There were scores of trailers on the motorway from Tin can port beyond Mile 2.  We had shipped 16 bags of clothes, shoes, toys, gifts, and drugs. Lord, what are we going to do? Our God is a good God.  We received the news mid day that our cargo had been cleared and it was on its way to Epe.  Halleluyah.

A quick meeting was held with our women leaders to agree the distribution of the items.  I invited my Sister who was in the “Items Distribution” team along to the meeting.  She looked, smiled, and ran.  That is a story for another day. We agreed to distribute the gifts to Pastors’ wives, liberty volunteers, church members, villagers and to members of the two Epe Churches.  The impact of these gifts was immense.  The clothes were also given to children at one of our schools, a wonderful dance group, hotel staff and to Folorunso, our newly adopted baby. A big thank you to all our donors.

After our main praise and worship session, Explicit ministered in dance. Their flips and summersaults would have been back breaking for a 40 something.  They moved with elegance and grace.  Drama presentation followed this. Bro Lekan was one of the actors.  Rev Balogun preached a powerful message of salvation. The people came forward in their hundreds.

The first batch of water baptism took place.  It was such a wonderful experience. Young, old, men and women all dying to sin and rising alive in Christ.  Some had the Ethiopian Eunuch experience of receiving Jesus and being baptised on the same day.











My wife had cleared out her wardrobe of some unworn clothes.  Praise the Lord more wardrobe space for me.  Just as we were about to place the last suitcase in the van she ran downstairs with 2 more dresses.  Yesterday she ministered to some young ladies.  Today 2 of them decided to be baptised in water.  While Jumoke was praying for someone she saw that the 2 ladies had been given the same clothes that she had brought from England to be baptised in.  What an amazing God.

Dentistry started work.  There were queues of villagers and volunteers alike who required access to their expertise.  It was not a place for the faint-hearted.  You might go in with 32 and come out with 29 (teeth). The good thing was everyone came out not necessarily smiling but thanking God for the relief.

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