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Epe Chronicles 2017: Thursday 26 October -Part 2 | Liberty - Making People Free


Epe Chronicles 2017: Thursday 26 October -Part 2

Extending the Kingdom, Serving Humanity

He survived against all odds

Sister Hannah met Folorunso who was born prematurely a month ago. His mother died 3 days after his birth. His grandmother was now looking after him. He was tiny from malnutrition but relatively clean. He had the African eye pencil around his eyes and cowrie shells around the wrists.  The cowrie shells were to prevent the spirit of his mother from taking him to the “other side”.  He had an indescribable fruit in his feeding bottle which could have poisoned him when it rots.  On further investigation, he was given quinine and antibiotics!  Both would have killed him if taken for too long. Due to lack of funds, his gran mother stretched a tin of baby milk from 3 to 10 days. Against all odds, he survived.  God has great purpose for his life


Liberty is a service field.  It is time to serve rather being served. Extending the kingdom while serving humanity. Touching the lives of people who you might never meet again. Leaving an impression on someone who you might work with again in the future.  A time to spur on your roommate, mentee, or friend to go the extra mile.  Serving the Lord is about giving the cup of water, the food, the clothes, and the word.  A word to save and to heal.  A word to release forgiveness and reconciliation.  A word to encourage and set free. Let’s be a missionary today and touch a life for eternity.

I met Adeoye Olojo yesterday for the second time.  The 1st time we saw him was exactly 1 year ago.  On Wednesday 26th October 2016 during the Epe Outreach he strayed into the Recreation ground with mental health issues. After some deliverance sessions, he was set free from the tormenting spirits.  We paid for his care at a Mental Health resettlement unit in Oyo Town.  He was discharged ready for work in May 2017.  He shared his testimony today to the amazement of all in attendance. Some of the villagers knew him when he was homeless and roaming the streets of Epe.  He has now moved into his new flat.  God truly sets free. Liberty has been called to “Making People Free”. Our aim is to minister to the spirit, soul, and body.

Today, we had our 1st children medical outreach. I looked around expecting to see Dr Bolaji Badejoko with her huge smile and heart full of love and care for the children. Sorry Guv, she is not around this year, I was told. I quickly looked for alternative provision. Dr Levi to the rescue – another doctor with a huge heart filled with compassion.  He gave me a multi discipline medical team – Four doctors and two nurses.  Excellenteee. Mind my Italian.  With a borrowed weighing scale, two thermometers and tables, the children’s clinic was birthed.

The new children’s clinic generated its own surgical list.  We had over 20 children who required surgery.  Some hernias operations were performed today.  While over 10 operations would have to be performed through sponsorship either at the University teaching hospitals at Ife, Ibadan, or Lagos.  The cost of these operations ranges from £150 to £5,000.   We need sponsors for these children. Can you help?

The 1st batch of 12 cataract operation patients were sent off to the hospital for their operations.  The eye clinic medical records worked better with four ushers assigned to the team and the registration desk move away from the clinic.  The crowd was still rowdy but under control.

The crowds gathered around the business empowerment tents.  We agreed this year that we would concentrate on a few trades which people could pick up quickly and start a business. The Akure team gave demonstrations for gele tying, bead making, make up, shoe repairs, and cake baking.  It was agreed that those who wanted to learn the trades further will be given additional tutoring.

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