Abraka 2013

Abraka Chronicles 2013: D Day Minus 3 – We are Family.

I was woken up at 5.00 am in Ibadan by the sounds of the muslim call to prayer. Come on guys, give me a break. I need some more sleep.  I prayed and went back to bed to be woken again not by our neighbour’s megaphone but by the sweet voice of my mother in law blessing me. Olorun a to ju e, wa a da gba, Olorun olupese a

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Abraka Chronicles 2013: D Day Minus 4 – We have landed. On a mission to break down strongholds and take back our territories

We arrived on time in Lagos.  There were 8 of us on the same flight – Yemi, Kemi, Dolapo, Sis Benny, Sis Hannah, Sis Elizabeth, Tanito and I.  I had checked in online. At Heathrow, I asked for my seat to be changed so I could sit beside Tanito.  The lady did her thing, smiled confirming that I had been allocated a new seat but it did

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