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Abraka Chronicles 2013: D Day Minus 4 – We have landed. On a mission to break down strongholds and take back our territories | Liberty - Making People Free


Abraka Chronicles 2013: D Day Minus 4 – We have landed. On a mission to break down strongholds and take back our territories

We arrived on time in Lagos.  There were 8 of us on the same flight – Yemi, Kemi, Dolapo, Sis Benny, Sis Hannah, Sis Elizabeth, Tanito and I.  I had checked in online. At Heathrow, I asked for my seat to be changed so I could sit beside Tanito.  The lady did her thing, smiled confirming that I had been allocated a new seat but it did

not happen.  I was disappointed.  What is her Dad going to say? I had waved him good bye promising to look after his little girl.   But guess what, Sis Benny sat beside me by design.  God had a hand in it.  I did a couple of visits to enroute just to make sure she was okay.

The flight was smooth.  Mid-flight the toilets on the left side ceased working.  Thank God, the food was nice.  You cannot imagine the consequences!  We alighted from the plane and were hit hard. Yes, hit hard by the heat and humidity.  Welcome to Lagos Mr Adewumi the elements announced; my jacket went off in response.  Passport control was smooth but our luggage collection was a task on its own.  Our luggage seemed to be the last off the conveyor belt.  Well, I should not complain.  35 pieces excluding ladies hand bags was a lot to claim.  Remind me to visit the gym next year.  We cleared customs with ease and then faced the next frontier – please show me your baggage tags.  Bag tags? The bags were all mixed up on different trolleys. Please do not hold us back were my hidden thoughts, the anointed has been unleashed.  We are ready to take the Abraka by storm.

With great expectation we strolled into the baking sun of Lagos and the glory of one thousand naira per day phone bill. Oga – you wan change moni (money), I go give you good rate. Another tout pleaded Oga let me carry your luggage because your tip is our family chop money.  In the midst of this all we saw a familiar face – A warm hug from Mr Togun ushered us on journey.

Why are we here? echoed around me again.   My response was, we have been sent forth to Abraka to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, give sight to the blind, empower the weak and preach the love of Christ to all.  Abraka, here we come to break down strongholds and take back our territories. I hear a resounding, Amen.


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