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Abraka Chronicles 2013: D Day Minus 3 - We are Family. | Liberty - Making People Free


Abraka Chronicles 2013: D Day Minus 3 – We are Family.

I was woken up at 5.00 am in Ibadan by the sounds of the muslim call to prayer. Come on guys, give me a break. I need some more sleep.  I prayed and went back to bed to be woken again not by our neighbour’s megaphone but by the sweet voice of my mother in law blessing me. Olorun a to ju e, wa a da gba, Olorun olupese a

pese fun e, omo ati iyawo re ma so rire.  What a wonderful mother; I am blessed.

This episode brought two things to my mind. The love of an earthly parent and that of our heavenly father. Of an earthly parent, we will always be their children no matter how old we are. How obvious that might be but we still need to be reminded of this important fact.  Parents have a deep passion and care which I cannot describe.  As a side note, I miss our family Morning Prayer time where I bless my children.  Our Heavenly Father waits at our door every morning knocking with blessings of love, joy, peace, protection, favour, insight, direction, revelation.  We just need to open the door for Him to deposit what He has in store for the day. His mercies are new every morning. Halleluyah.

Our journey from Ibadan to Lagos was uneventful. For that we give God praise. Landed at the Nana Arena called the Events Centre. What a show.  The Liberty team arrived in numbers to support the Togun’s at Femi’s engagement party. It was a glorious day.  Rice Soup Very Plenty.  The biz girls came out in full force with  matching uniform and colour coordinated shoes and bags.  The glorious God given beauty of my sisters was on display. You cannot imagine how long it took some to get ready. I think we should keep that a secret.  The Liberty table was filled to the overflow. We played musical chairs for a while.

The engagement entertainment was progressed smoothly.  With every step money was dropped into a basket or sheet. Good business madam engagement coordinator.  Suddenly everything stopped. It was not because of Mr Nepa or for a rest.  The Governor of Ogun State entered the arena.  Within a blink of an eye, 30 people rush in.  What is happening? The Governor had made a personal appearance.  Good one, Guv. I marvel as he slid in, greeted the celebrants with the paparazi all over the place. Within a few minutes, it was all over. He disappeared as he had appeared.  This brings me to an important fact. Jesus will appear suddenly with His entourage proceeding – trumpets and the angels.  Only those who are prepared will follow Him. Are you prepared for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? Suddenly, He will arrive.

We all arrived home safely after a long weekend. Halleluyah.



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